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Monday, 11 May 2009

Chatz Brasserie @ Grand Plaza Park Royal

Yay! Cari makan again! This time it's at Chatz Brasserie, Park Royal Hotel. Hi-Tea RM45/person and for UOB credit card customer, there additional 30% off. Parking is RM5/entry(remember to get your parking ticket chop - not by a cleaver, ok)

Can't wait to eat

Ah? ask me to eat fruits only? Aiyah! We are Malaysian mah..we don't start by eating fruits though it's been highly recommended by those health experts. So what else is there to eat?

Yong Tau Foo. Hmm...Don't really feel like eating that. The lady-finger and bitter-gourd looked dismaying.

Yikes! Sambal Taufu also can ah?

Salad? Hmm..not much choice

Lookie here is what Mamarazzi got.

Maybe I can eat those puddings.

Looks colourful

Aiyak! I am too short. The ones on the shelves looked really yummy.

Hmm!! I saw something I LIKE

HAHAHaagen-Dazz Icream. I want I want

Full of Ice Cream, time to play. Love playing with the lights and mirror

Uiks!? Fishie Fishie

Here, fishie.. fishie..Come here.

My opinion of the Hi-Tea? Not really "ngum" for me as the foods are "normal" only. Yong Tau Fu, 4 types of Dim Sum, a few types of kuih-muih, Bread, Fried vegetable, pulut hitam and etc. Normal for Malaysian but maybe "exotic" for foreigners. After all, it's a hotel mah. Of course it caters more to foreigners. The funny thing is that, I've observed most of the customers there are Malaysian...hmmmm

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