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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale, Dataran Hamodal

Yesterday was the last day of the sale. Well, better late than never.

Alamak! 7788 finished liao???

Fuiih! Lucky there are some left. Not much but due to the vast floor area, Mamarazzi sure can dig up some gems.

Wah...Mamarazzi managed to dug up a box full.

For me? Shall I take this book?
Let see what else Mamarazzi managed to dig up.

So many

Jangan jealous, Uncle Newton. Mamarazzi found Jeffrey Archer hardcover. RM8 only.

And Midnight's Children by the controversial author Salman Rushdie. This book won the Booker Prize. He is the author of SATANIC VERSES.

Aunty Woo, here is part 2 of Inkheart. Great ya.

This book...Mamarazzi have been eyeing for a long time but due to the price..Well, good things goes to those who are willing to wait. This gems is selling for RM8 only. Mamarazzi is impatient to start devouring it.

Wah lau eh....OCBC credit card customers gets another 10% off. This is really one of the best books warehouse sale ever..Come to think of it, instead of naming it Big Bad Wolf Books Warehouse Sale, why not just name it Best Book Warehouse Sale?

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