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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bak Chang Bak Chang (Part 2)

Mamarazzi bought a lot of things from Pasar.

Pulut, salted eggs, beans, onions.....aiks!? Dried leaves also wanna buy? Hmm... These things looked familiar. Where have I seen these before? Oh ya..oh Mah Mah's home. Mah Mah was making Bak Chang last year. Aha! Mamarazzi going to make Bak Chang? Can or not? Never learn before. But then, it's the age of Super Duper GOOGLE..should be okay gua.

One whole big pot of boiled Bamboo Leaves and strings.

Uh~La~La~ The "liu" smell so nice. Lucky, Papa is having nose block. He can't smell or else he would curi makan again.

Half cooked beans.

Yummy salted eggs. The three of us love it.

A pot of pulut... and 1 hour later....

Ta~Ta~Ta~Dum! 21 "biji". 10 for Papa, 10 for me and 1 for Mamarazzi..kakaka..A bit out of shape but okay gua...Pray hard hard that none burst in the pot.

Two hours later. Thanks to the video tips from, none of the Chang burst in the pot.

How to unwrap the Bak Chang? Faster la.

Bak Chang Bak Chang

It looks okay and cooked.

Hmm...Can enjoy my long awaited Bak Chang. I guai-guai didn't kacau Mamarazzi when she was making the Chang.

What? There is nothing behind me, Papa. Why you say Mamarazzi is calling me?

Aiks!? what happen to my Bak Chang? One side disappeared. PApaaaaaa.....

Hmpf! better eat before more disappear into Papa's tum tum.

Overall scallop, oyster, bak, salted egg, beans, mushroom, crest nut...lack of seasoning. Need more seasoning then it would be perfect.

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