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Sunday, 31 May 2009

New House Launching = Makan Freeeeee

Faster la

They are setting up the Tents liao


Kenot eat yet..well, lets go in and have a look at the "Show House" .


Walk walk walk.

Alamak! Got Guard leh. *Pretend look at the Garden*


Mamarazzi..walk faster ler..Got Guard there. Am scared leh.

. many people is attending the launching ah?

Waaa....if this bedroom is mine.....
Jump..jump..jump..on the bed.

Aunty Florence, This is the keychain that you gave me.


Makan satay ah...but got mihun, fried rice, chicken wing, curry chicken, sambal prawns an kuih-muih. Makan aje la....kekekeke

Ngap! Sedappp the chicken drumet

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Warehouse Sale, Dataran Hamodal

Sweaty sweaty..just finish running marathon in the field. My shoey is half way to "Shoe Heaven" liao.

.Mamarazzi heard that there is a Warehouse sale going on at Dataran Hamodal. Thought she saw somewhere mentioned that it includes Anakku Brand. Time for shoes hunting.

. Got lotsa knicks knacks


Soft toys.


Mountains of Baju.

. baby shoes ah...

No Baby Shoes....come home drown my sorrow with two bottles of milk lo...

Friday, 29 May 2009

Hammer Land, Serdang Raya

Hammer Land, Serdang Raya. Papa wana buy shoe. He love this brand. Thus, we went to the factory in Serdang Raya.

. many shoes, ladies shoes and sandals...


I wonder is there any shoes for me.

Nice or not this shoe?

It seems that this place doesn't only sell shoes.


They also sell baju, pants, costume jewellerys,hand bags, knapsack, black spectacles, watches and etc. Hmm..Interesting

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Mamarazzi' Kitchen : Kan Sui Zhong

*merajuk* Mamarazzi busy again. Mamarazzi ignoring me again.

Pulut some more?
Aiks...yellowish geh? AIYA...Duno clean or not. I see Mamarazzi put Air Abu into the pulut. Abu is ash, right? Air Abu=Ash Water? No ah? Alkaline Water ah? Aiyo...why is English/Malay translation so confusing one??

Pandan Leaves to be wrap together with the Zhong.

The Zhong ready for boiling.

It's cooked. For me?

Eee...just my palm size Zhong.

*In deep contemplation* To eat with hand or wait for Mamarazzi to feed.

Grab first la.

Ngap! munch..munch munch... more ah?

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Siew Pau & Ham Tan Sou, Esquire Kitchen

Fuiyoh...smell so nice. My nose block also become unblocked liao

The Siew Pau are very big. Bigger than those Seremban Siew Pau. Taste ....sedaaaaap. As for the Ham Tan Sou, good for those people who doesn't like to eat too sweet. The Lotus Paste taste just nice. Not too sweet.
What else is good..the price. RM1-60 each. Buy 5 free 1. That is a very good offer. Worth buy.d

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Gift of Rain-Tan Twan Eng

Huh? Mamarazzi read so fast. 508 pages finished in two days. Gosh..must've been a good book.

This book is about Penang, 1939 just before the Japanese Occupation and a half English, half Chinese boy name Philip Hutton. He doesn't feel that he is fully accepted by the Chinese community nor the English coz of his parentage. To them, he would always be a half bred.
This is until he met Hayato Endo, a Japanese Diplomat who leased an island from Philip's father. Endo then become his teacher and a friend. Theirs is a complicated relationship with a hints of past life and reincarnation.Many had speak to him and his father of his "friendship" with a Japanese.
The day come when the Japanese took over Penang and he had to agree to work with them in order to protect his family. He had secretly helped many people but on some instances he had to stand there and do nothing.
For example, there was one part where the driver of his family, Mr Lim, had caused him much pain. Philip was there when the Japanese soldiers went to Mr Lim's daughter's village and captured her husband and subsequently executed her husband. They wanted to take her too but Philip intervened. But the daughter committed suicide. Mr Lim blamed Philip.
Mr Lim in his warped mind went running to the Japanese and "informed" in Philip's sister of assisting those anti-Japanese group. This caused her death. Not only that, Mr Lim also informed on Philip's aunt which result, Philip having to witness her torture and subsequent death. It's like Mr Lim broadcasting to the whole world his own incorrect perception.
Cis! This darn informer really made Mamarazzi mad. Cikit-cikit nak buat hal. Really no better work to do ah? Philip was being kind and had wanted to help Mr Lim's daughter and yet she committed suicide. Not his fault what. Not only that, this had also cause harm to Philip's relationship with his father who had misunderstand his action. Well, maybe this is why people say "No Good Turns Goes Unpunished". Damn Mr Lim.
This is a really good book. Must be good book la or else Mamarazzi won't be so "Kan Cheong" burning midnight oil. Must read

Monday, 25 May 2009

Esquire Kitchen, Atria

So this is Atria. Seems there is a lot of Clearance Sale going on today.

Big Book Shop Sale

Connell Sale

Porcelain Sale

Guardian Clearance Sale

Don't care la. Eat 1st. Jab jab makes me hungry.

Stir-fry Brinjal with mince meat looks so appetising
Got Seafood Mix Vegetable also

Pass some to me, please.

Tung Poh Meat. Nice

Celup with the pau become very nice liao

Last but not least Kung Poh Chicken. Taste too spicy for me. Otherwise, the food here is not bad. Better than the branch in Endah Parade.

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