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Monday, 13 April 2009

Fireman BBQ Restaurant, Jaya One

We are at Fireman BBQ Restaurant located at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. A new area where there is a lot of good food to be found.

Alamak! The seating place is so small. How to sit with so many people?

Yay! Problem solve! We'll just take two tables. Uncle Chai and Uncle Hock already seated in one of them.

Both Uncles are prepared to start "work". So what are we having?

We are having BBQ buffet. Hmm...doesn't seems to have a large variety. Nevertheless, hopefully the food is good.

Apa tu? Pork fat for frying ah...

Let see what's Mamarazzi's table is ordering.

Oh my goodness!!!!

Ganas! ordered so many "tingkat"!

Can finish or not? Don't waste ah
Gee...the strip of pork looked so fresh. The beef also.
What is this ugly thing? Fish ball mushroom. Don't judge a mushroom by its looks. Taste good.
Put the beef strip on top to cook ah.
Uiks! something is happening over there!
That man half "bogel"! Strip Tease Show ah?
Wah lau eh!
Aunty Siew! That man is playing with fire!
Uhhhhh...I dare not look. He'll get burn.


Did you see that, Mamarazzi? Fire just came out from his mouth!

Aunty Siew told me "Can see but not allowed to copy"

That man has training and that is why he is allowed to play with fire.

Wow! Turning the fire sticks. Woi! Don't throw to here ah!

Not only have shows but have games ah

Go! Go! Go! Robots!

Aiyak! my robots got smashed! Grrr!!!

Haiz...after perut kenyang. Food ok-ok-lah. Worth the RM19-90. Especially since have shows to watch and games to play. Snore~

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