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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A & W, Kuala Trengganu

Hungry. Come to A & W to fill my tum tum.

Fries and Root Beer. The Burger is still W.I.P.

Hmmm..something is not right.

Hey! Where's the Ice-Cream? The photo shows that Root Beer have Ice-cream on top. Oh..Mamarazzi doesn't like float. Eh..Mama, next time order the one with float ler..I'll finish the Ice-cream for you.

Burger still Work-In-Progress ar? Hungry leh.
Chew on a piece of fries la. Do I look like I'm smoking a ciggy? Mamarazzi said if next time I smoke ciggy she will rotan me till flowers comes out from my bum-bum. Scarryyy.

Deluxe Burger. Yummy!

Ngap! Ngap! Ngap!

Aiyo! Mama ni, sumbat to my nose pulak!

Haaaa.......blurp!...Perut kenyang, hati senang....

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