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Monday, 2 February 2009

Small Gathering

Sound like the guests have arrived.

I've better go down and mingle.

Mamarazzi have prepared Nasi Lemak and Fried Bihun. Uh...I can see some of Mah Mah's delicious dishes there too.

This is Papa's friend, Jie Jie Jennifer.

Our kindly neighbour Aunty Bibi and Jie Jie Jacqualine.

Koh Koh James wanted to drink 100 Plus but Aunty Bibi said cannot drink.

Uiks! Koh Koh How Siang is going to have a DiDi. Aunty Liew glowing in her pregnancy

Who is that which I spied?

Yee Yee Enny and Jie Jie Yen. Why so camera shy one?

Everyone is busy eating. I also wanna eat-lah. Uncle Hock, can I share your plate?.

Jie Jie Desiree looks so pretty today.

Wei...Aunty Wendy...why open mouth so big ah? Later lalat fly into it ler...hehehe


This is Papa's long lost friend, Uncle Siva with his family. Papa said I've to learn from Uncle Siva's son more. He is very polite and have very good manners. Always say "Thank You" and "Please" .

Wah Lau Eh! Who is that Lenglui?? Looks just a year or two older than me only...hmmmm..maybe I've chance.

Hi! Lenglui. Oh...It's Aunty Yong's daughter, Lenglui Roe. Lenglui, you wanna go home so fast? Do come again ya.

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