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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Restaurant Wong Poh, Dataran Prima

Very colourful dish. I wonder what is that? I've never seen before.

Yee Yee Enny, said it's Yee Sang. Something that people eat after tossing everything high up in the air while saying auspicious phrases.

I wanna tosh too. I'll toss the whole plate up onto the ceiling can ar?

Crab! Crab!

When I was in Mamarazzi's tum tum, she was nuts about crabs. But people advise her against eating crabs fearing that I'll come out naughty like a crab. Likes to pinch people. Hmm...come to think of's kinda true coz now I like to pinch Papa. I dare not pinch Mama coz Mama will piak me.

Direct translation from Cantonese "4 Big Heavenly Kings". Uh~La~La~ one of Mamarazzi favourite.

Sweet and Sour Pork. Seems to be Jie Jie Yen's favourite. I like it too coz the meat is fried till very crunchy. Mamarazzi also said one of the best "Ku Low Yok" that she had ever tasted.

Oh! I know this one. It's "Nai Pak". Mamarazzi likes to boil "Nai Pak" Soup. This shop stir fry the "Nai Pak" and added a few drops of wine before serving. Sedaaap.

What else do they have here? Next time have to try some of the other dishes.

Huh! Papa said Mah Mah can drink Guinness Stout. Maybe can bring Mah Mah here to eat Guinness Stout Crab? What do you say , Papa?

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