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Friday, 6 February 2009

Paradise Deluxe Restaurant, Kuala Trengganu

My Yee Yee asked Mamarazzi where to have nice food in Kuala Trengganu. She is from K.L. Thus not accustomed to unusual food found in K.Trengganu. Just imagine, prawn Noodle with only noodle and two bits of pranws. No other "liu".

Here is one of the nice place to eat...according to various newspaper reports.

Let me get a copy of the Menu.



The price here is more or less K.L. price.

Hmm...just close my eyes and tembak aje lah. Hope the food is as good as reported.

Captain, I am ready to order now. I want.....

Nasi Goreng Mushroom. A lot of "liu". The fried egg looks yummy. Just the way that Mamarazzi like it.


The Nasi Pattaya also delicious looking.

Wah Lau Eh! sotong, prawns and chicken meat inside leh. The portion of the rice is a bit less than usual but the "liu" a lot.

Fried Bihun...ok-ok-lah

What's this?

See here..according to the Menu, it should be Mixed Vegetable with Tau Kang. Where is the Tau Kang?

Captain, you've got our order wrong.

What's this?

Complimentary dish for getting the earlier Mixed Vegetable order wrong.

This is Fried Kai Lan and it taste good.

Well, overall this Restaurant it's good. Service is good and fast.

Patrons are given free Chinese tea and titbits. Food taste good. Next time can come again.

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