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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Morning at TESCO, Mutiara Damansara

My Mamarazzi is really MAD. Last Saturday she saw advertisement that TESCO is selling Chinese Arrowhead at RM2.48/kg, she dug Papa up "7 early, 8 early" to go to TESCO. When we arrived at Tesco's front door, we saw another Hypermarket's advertisement truck parked there. It state that they are selling Chinese Arrowhead at RM2.38/kg.. hahaha..Very funny to see the competitiveness.

Fuiyoh! Terrible. As the TESCO staff open the boxes of Chinese Arrowhead, everyone rushed at it. Scaryyyyy man....Papa and me run far far away.

All hands are grabbing the BIG FAT JUICY Arrowheads like it's F.O.C. Very lucky TECSO is always very spacious. Mamarazzi preferred TESCO more than any other hypermarkets.

As I was saying, Papa and I ran far far away and WHAM! we ran into my Kaw Por and Theau Kung. Apa lagi, I ask Theau Kung to carry me-lah.

As we were going off, we saw this Banner. Buy above RM8 of NESCAFE, can play game and win something.
Ello, Papa! You want to play ah???
Uiks! Kaw Poh also want to play. Mr. NESCAFE, you take my Kaw Poh's photo must pay money one leh. Cannot simply take. She is a V.V.I.P.

Wow! It's a maze game. The aim is to get the ball from one end to the other end.

Yawn~ Sleepy..

Got a long more to go ke?

Uh?? Like that also can win RM100 ah???

By the way, Mr Manager of TECSO, I would appreciate it if you could ask your people to check the child seat of each trolley. The one that I was sitting is going to break. Thank you very much.

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