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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Chinese Arrowhead Chips

What is Mama doing with all those round thing that she bought? Fruit for me to eat?

What?? It's called Chinese Arrowhead? As far as I know, Arrow is a weapon for shooting. But these doesn't look like any Arrow at all.


Sliced, soaked in salt water and put under the sun?

Why Mama bringing it to the kitchen pulak?

Oh..Mama is making keropok. Fry Arrowhead Chips. Got tips from the internet is that after slicing the arrowhead, the slices must be soak in salt water to get all the water out. Then it will be very crispy when it's fried.


Hard work man. Fry for two hours, only get two tiny containers. Buy the ready made ones is much easier but then no TLC ler. Good! One for Papa and one for me.**shh...shh..Papa's container got a lot of burnt chips..kekeke* .

These are the heads and tails of the arrowheads. Too small to be sliced without slicing off Mama's fingers. To throwaway sayang pulak...well, waste not want not.

Wah Lah! Becomes another dish for dinner. Too bad no Chinese Leek to add on.


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