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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Anakku Warehouse Sale & Hytex Warehouse Sale, Jan 2009

Still on a Christmas mood. Afterall, it's the 11th day of Christmas. If not mistaken, there are 12 days of Christmas. This is a late post of yesterday's adverture. Yesterday at Amcorp Mall.....

Yawn~ Sleepy liao. Mamarazzi still snapping photo at ToyWiz sale. When can we get a move on? Two more warehouse sale to get on to.

Yay! we are finally on the move. Next stop, Anakku Warehouse Sale!
.Scarrrrry...There is a ENORMOUS tikus next to me. Why is Mama smilling and Papa also keep askig me to smile. I can't smile with this TIKUS behind me. Anyway, where are we?
. Anakku Warehouse sale. Mama is looking for tiny jeans or cargo pants for me. I have many baju already but only 1 cargo pant. The rest are cotton pants
I saw lotsa lotsa baju and cotton pants but nothing for me. But there are some really nice jean pants for bigger kids at RM15 and many many many nice baju for girl girl.
There are also baby and family bath/shampoos selling at 3 for RM20, nappyliners, baby playpen, strollers (RM150-RM250), Buggy, Car seats, Milk Bottles and etc.
Transactions are in terms of cash and credit card(RM100 above). The sale ends today.

Never mind, guess we'll try our lucky at Hytex Warehouse sale.

Whoosh! Guess this is Hytex sale. Many people despite it's a rainy day. Rather hard to find but thanks to Papa's nagivating skill and a few pointers from Mama's friend, we found the place alright.
Large jumble of bajus going at RM1(short pants), RM5 baju, RM8, RM10, RM12 and so on.
There are also baju for teens and adults. Brands includes Issue, American Atheletes, Tenderly, Disney, Disney Babies, Looney Tunes and Looney Tunes Babies.

Apart from baju there are also some really groovy looking shoes and sandals for baby and kids, saw 3 strollers and a playpen.
And still NO jean nor cargo pants for me.
Well for those who are interested to go. This company is having the sale every weekend up to January 18, 2009. Make sure you bring lotsa cash coz all transaction in cash only.
On by the way, a very good pointer from Mama's friend to the location of the hidden away warehouse is that as you come down from the hill slope, look for the highest building on your left. That is Hytex. Beige/yellow colour building.

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