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Sunday, 21 December 2008

My 1st Winter Solstice Festival a.k.a Thong Yuen Festival

I woke up morning so hungry. Heard Mama is making Thong Yuen today. Can't wait to eat.

Aiyo..Mama so low geh. Still yet to make the dough ah?

Hm..Finally! Uiks! colourful dough pulak.

Ha.....finally ready to eat. Thong Yuen in Pandan and ginger syrup. People say if eat Thong Yuen will grow older by one year. that I will be 2 years old~lah if I eat this Thong Yuen

Eh... apa pulak ni?? Mama kongkam ah? Thong Yuen ada pulak become Ondeh-Ondeh. Haiz...isk..isk..isk....

Mama says "Waste not, want not"...extra dough can make into Ondeh-ondeh

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