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Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas at Sunway Pyramid, 2008

Ciak! Here we are! At Sunway Pyramid.

Oh.. this is the Christmas Celebration Theme for Sunway Pyramid this year ah?

Jom! let's go to the old wing and have a look.

Uiks! What's that? Looks like Arabian Night or CNY decoration.

What's happening downstairs? I can't see.

Let me up! Papa carry please. I wanna have a look.

Uh? Red Xmas Trees? 98.8F.M is having a show downstairs. Let's go downstair to kepoh.

I saw a man teaching a lenglui artist to blow something. Tarak tau what is that and tarak kenal the artist but never mind~la. As long as lenglui enough~la. music.

There is a man playing piano downstairs. He is playing Xmas songs

Papa! Get moving. Go there. I saw something that I like. Hiyah! Giddy-up!

Weeee.....Gooood doggy.

Hey! Is that Garfield? Hey! pal. Can I drive your car for awhile?

Hold on tight, Garfield. Here we go....Vrooom! Vroom! Using Shell V-Power petrol.

Vroom! Arrived to the new wing already

Huh! There are some more rides ah...

But I beh tahan liao. Sleepy ...mnmnmnmn...Zzzzz~

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