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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas at NiuZeXui, 2008

Gooood Afternoon! This is a late post of my Christmas Day. After the Big Steamboat Christmas Lunch, we went to NiuZeXui at Ara Damansara. Papa, Mama and I went to NZX earlier this year but at that time I was still in Mama's tumtum (

This round I want to see it for myself. I heard NZX is having lantern festival called Festive Fun-tasy (Featuring Disney Lights and Lanterns). There are disney charaters. We arrive a bit too early thus can't see the lights. Entrance fees for adult is RM10 and children RM5. We didnt go in. Just look from the outside. that Donald Duck? What is he doing?


Alamak! who is this fella already ah? Can't recall.
Tigger and Donald Duck

Though it's Christmas Day, Chinese New Year plants and decoration are already on the scene.

This "buah" reminds me of something...but what ah...Can't recall.
Gosh!!!! Such a BIG Spring Onion! Mama sure can cook many meals out of it.
Yikes! Not Spring Onion? It's SUPERBUM.Lucky, it didn't let go some gas while I was there. If not, I sure "pengsan".

Gosh.. while walking around, Mama bump into her long lost schoolmate, Vicky. Haven't seen her for many many many years. Ya..mama is very OLD. Shhh...don't tell Mama I said that. Her friend is a very talented lady oh. If you don't believe, just look at her website

While they were chatting about old times, I took a nap.Hmmmm...nice to sleep after such a big meal. ZZzzzzz~

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