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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Papa's Spaghetti

Yummmmmmmmmy~ Papa made spaghetti.

Delicious looking hor? If you want, you'll have to ask Papa to make for you. Meantime, I'll enjoy this spaghetti first. I know Uncle Boo Hock love Papa's spaghetti.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Bungalow Contractor

Lately, Mama have been calling me "Bungalow Contractor".

I give you 10sen if you can find all my bungalows. Not my fault ah. Things seems like to come and knock my head.

Monday, 29 December 2008

Heong Peah

For me? Thank you Aunty Florence. Thank you for the Heong Peah.

Why a few pieces missing geh? Hmm...must be BIG TIKUS stolen my Heong Peah. Looks so tasty. IThank you again.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas at NiuZeXui, 2008

Gooood Afternoon! This is a late post of my Christmas Day. After the Big Steamboat Christmas Lunch, we went to NiuZeXui at Ara Damansara. Papa, Mama and I went to NZX earlier this year but at that time I was still in Mama's tumtum (

This round I want to see it for myself. I heard NZX is having lantern festival called Festive Fun-tasy (Featuring Disney Lights and Lanterns). There are disney charaters. We arrive a bit too early thus can't see the lights. Entrance fees for adult is RM10 and children RM5. We didnt go in. Just look from the outside. that Donald Duck? What is he doing?


Alamak! who is this fella already ah? Can't recall.
Tigger and Donald Duck

Though it's Christmas Day, Chinese New Year plants and decoration are already on the scene.

This "buah" reminds me of something...but what ah...Can't recall.
Gosh!!!! Such a BIG Spring Onion! Mama sure can cook many meals out of it.
Yikes! Not Spring Onion? It's SUPERBUM.Lucky, it didn't let go some gas while I was there. If not, I sure "pengsan".

Gosh.. while walking around, Mama bump into her long lost schoolmate, Vicky. Haven't seen her for many many many years. Ya..mama is very OLD. Shhh...don't tell Mama I said that. Her friend is a very talented lady oh. If you don't believe, just look at her website

While they were chatting about old times, I took a nap.Hmmmm...nice to sleep after such a big meal. ZZzzzzz~

ToyWiz 2009 Clearance Sale

Hmmm.... A new warehouse sale listed in ShoppingNSales website. Yahoo! It's ToyWiz warehouse sale. They have all sorts of toys and discount going up to 70%. Brand offered includes Mattel, Hasbro, Takara Tomy, Ban Dai, McFarlane Toys, Neca, Kotobukiya, Lego, Hotwheels, Barbie and etc. I hope Papa will bring me there

These toys aren't only for small baby like me but also for some BIG babies. Branded ones oh..Don't play~play~(Pardon the pun)

Dear Aunties and Uncles, Koh Koh and Jie Jie.. Just in case you are interested to go(I hope you'll go, I hope you'll go), here is the information. Mana tau..if you go, I get new toy toy..kekekeke

Date :3 to 4 January 2009
Time : 11am to 6pm
Location :3rd Floor Amcorp Mall(same row as McDonald’s, beside Koran Restaurant)

Checkout their website at and also not forgetting SnS website at

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Carrefour, Kepong Branch

It's the 3rd day of Christmas. Still have time to go see Christmas decoration. I am at Carrefour, Kepong. Hmmm...simple and nice decoration.

Huh!! So many hampers. A mountain of them. Christmas and Chinese New Year hampers. Price wise ok-ok lah. Maybe Papa will get some for his friends or customers.
This Carrefour seems very "cosy". Small but it have nearly everything under one roof.
I shall look forward to seeing their Chinese New Year decoration.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Ahem...Excuse Me.....

Uh....excuse me but can I ask something ah?

What the heck is this??? Found "attach" at one of the Kiddies Rides.

My 1st Boxing Day

I wonder what is inside. Can't wait to find out. Have to wait till tomorrow, Boxing Day.

Can I open it earlier just a tiny enne bit? Can ah? Can ah? Can la...

Can ah....I open okie.

Whoosh! Magic show.

Inside the bag got some more gifts. One become two. Which one shall I open first?

Hmmm...this one I can feel hard hard....What is it? Let me see.

Uoooo...a brand new shiny bowl for me.

This one leh?

Aiks! help! car car wanna climb on my tummy liao.

Finally! Boxing Day. What is inside here?

Another toy toy. Thank you everyone for getting me these wonderful gifts. I love them.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Santa Came!

Shhh...Let me tell you a secret. Last night Santa Clause came and I think he must be a Chinese. Why? Cause this morning, I woke up and noticed that Mr Santa Claus brought a lot of food for us.

There is Pandan Roasted Chicken Wings.

Fishes and Crabs

Prawn and sotong


And Yuck! what's that black thingy?

Century Eggs? How many century old one, Mr Clause?

All sort of "balls"

And more balls and meat

and Taufu

And Fu Chuk

Baby Carrot, Pumpkin and etc


And more vegetables
Mumumu...what is Mama doing?

She dumped everything into a BIG pot ...oh! I know! It's steamboat! We are having Steamboat!

Peace bro! Merry Christmas to all and thank you Mr Santa Claus. I makan first.
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