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Sunday, 9 November 2008

JPN at Endah Parade

Uh....This is JPN Seputeh Branch ya..In Endah Parade, K.L. empty. No queue at all.

What's this?

Wah Lau eh! Even the chair in front of each counter is wrap like those chairs in hotels.

There is a Photography Section

Uiks! What's this?? Bilik Perkahwinan?? Hehehe...Mama can't resist from taking a peek. KEPOH! I follow also~lah

We saw in the room, there is a "stage" for people to "Bersanding" and on the left sofa for Chinese "Drink Tea session"? Further in on the right hand side(unable to snap the photos), Mama saw rows of chairs and arch of flowers. Looks like a "Garden Wedding Theme".

Nice lighting

On the right, backdrop for photography session - Chinese, Iban & Indian

Changing room for the bride and groom

Fuiyoh! This branch is not only "unknown" to most people(thus = speedy service) but also have a very conducive environment for couple who are getting married. Can rival the chinese temple "Thien Hau Kong".

During our brief visit, I saw a young chinese couple complete with wedding gown having their photos taken there. Guess it's their registration day gua. Congratulation to them!

Too bad when Papa and Mama register that time, this branch did not exist yet.


  1. Just so you know, JPN at Endah Parade (which by the way, it is called JPN Seputeh) was awarded Most Beautiful Wedding Room For Small JPN Branches (Nationwide) in 2007 and came in 2nd for the same category this year during JPN's Quality Day.



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