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Friday, 7 November 2008

Hypermart Price-cut Campaign

Let me tell you one joke.

We were walking around one of the shopping complex and suddenly saw this man sitting there giving interview. Hmm... he looks familiar. Oh..he is the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad and he is there to launch the price-cut campaign at one of the hypermarket.

Yahoo! that means we are there at a good timing~la. Price slash everywhere.

Haiz.....very sad to say that is not the case. Browse around and found that there aren't really any real price slash.

What kind of price slash is that if they advertise Milo 2kg is RM29++ reduced to RM25++. Excuse me for being "ignorance" and "naive", but the normal price for the said is around RM25 what!!! Where is the "price-slash"? Purse slash more like it.

Then Mama went to check out the Aik Cheong Kopi O and Sunwhite Rice. Alamak! RM6-50 and RM53++.

Mr Minister, can you please ask the hypermarkets toget real ah? Give out real price-slash instead of testing out maths skills. Those are not really "bargain" eh, for Mama got them MUCH CHEAPER from Kedai Ubat Poh Chien at OUG. Here is the evidence :-

Kopi O Aik Cheong RM4-50

Sunwhite Rice 10kg RM47-40

And these items aren't even on "sale" or "price-cut".

If a small shop like that can sell at these price and yet managed to have profit, what else is there for hyper-markets. can say that hyper-market incurred more overhead cost but then they get higher discount by buying in bulk from suppliers whereas small shops won't or can't get these type of discount.

And please lower the price of my Anmum Milk. Poh Chien price is only RM48++ while the hyper-market is selling RM53++

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