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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A Wedding Dinner At Jaya Palace

Blink*Blink* why is there so many UFO above? Oh ..Not UFO..It's pretty lanterns. We are at Jaya Palace attending a wedding dinner.

Oh no... I am getting heavier. Grandmama unable to carry me liao.

What is this? A gift for me? Just like at Abang's Zaki and Kak Yuni's wedding.

I wonder what is inside of this.

Uiks! Kung Kung is here. Yes, Kung-Kung..I am very comfy sitting here.

But look, Kung-Kung. This chair is rather not secured. The safety belt have no buckle.

If I am a naughty boy, I can climb out of this chair

Yoh! Mr Manager. You've better get this chair fix fast. It's dangerous for baby, you know!

Okie-dokie. I am ready for dinner

The first dish "Palace Five Combination". Delicious! But I didn't get to eat any.. *sob*sob

Soup! Slurrrp!

Double Boiled Sharkfin Soup with Village Chicken. Wow! There is really pieces of sharkfin there instead of the usual shredded sharkfin. There is also big piece of scallop. Can I have another bowl? No? Each person one bowl only ah?

Hahaha! this one I know! Roast duck. One of Mama's favourite.

Smoked Duck with Tea Leaves. I wonder how they smoke it? Did they let the duck smoke cigarette and drink Chinese Tea before they cook it? Mama like it very much. But weird...why there is a lot of duck leftover? Nobody eating it geh...

Uh...this dish I definitely cannot eat. Papa said no prawns for me till I am bigger

Baked Fresh Prawns Pepper and Salt. Yum~yum.

I spy with my little eyes....someone I know.

It's Dr Soh! She looks very pretty tonight. Yeh~yeh! No more jab-jab for me.

Hello! Dr Soh. How are you? Ah...I can eat fish ah? YIPPEE!!!!!!

Palace Style Steam Promfrey Fish. Yayay! Mama feed me fishhhhhhhh...I want fishhhhhhh.

Mmmnnn...what's this? Finish so fast geh..Mama barely had time to snap photo of this dish

It's Braised Vegetable with Mushroom and Dried Scallop. Taste very good. No wonder it finished so fast.

Hmm...why is there so much leftover for this dish geh?

Hong Kong Glutinous Rice. Maybe people preferred Ijok Beggar Rice kot? But this one not bad. Got a lot of "Lap Cheong".

Still got some more food ah???? I am full already.'s dessert ya.

Mochi and the cake.

Longan drink. Too full already Cannot go in anymore.

Then My Tiaw Kung came over to play with me.

I show him the gift

I give it to Tiaw Kung but he ask me to keep it.

He taught me how to yell "Yammmm Sing!"

We had fun

And too soon, the dinner was over..Time to go home. Gudnite

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