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Friday, 3 October 2008

Pick N' Brew, Part 2

Hi! Guess where are we again? Yup! Pick N' Brew Restaurant. Relative from the East Coast and relatives from the South came for a short visit. Since we are shopping at 1Utama Shopping Centre, Papa thought it would be nice to bring them to lunch at this Restaurant.

Yay! The food is here!

Hmm...what is Papa having?

Angel's Hair. Papa bluff me. Where is the Angel? Oh..Angel Hair is actually a type of noodle ah? Waa...such a big plate. Papa said sedaaap.

Hmm...what's Mama having?

Caesar Salad with Grill Chicken only? Why eat so little? Uiks! not little leh. Also comes in big portion! Mama said nearly can rival the ones at Chillis.

Meantime, what did I have? I ate "roti". Sedappppp. Very soft and fresh. Mama was shy to snap photos of what my relatives had, but I can see that the portion was very big. The food presentation was real good. Nearly too good to be eaten.

Oh ya...Papa had an Ice blended something coffee with mint. I heard he told Mama that this drink tasted not as sweet as Starbuck's. It's good not to have drinks that is too sweet.

The lady that served us previously remembered me. She kept smiling at me and brought baby cutlery set for me.

They even give me apples!


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