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Thursday, 23 October 2008

MPH Warehouse Sale & Metrojaya Warehouse Sale

Ready? Here we go again. Mama is crazy chasing warehouse sale again. Top priority -MPH Warehouse Sale!

We arrived rather late, about 11am. Quite a number of people were already there. So many new books. Mama spotted her current favourite author - Jodi Picoult books.Too bad don't have her latest book. Mama managed to get most of the books she wanted, except for "The Gift Of Rain by Tan Twan Eng".

Most of the books that Mama bought were very cheap. Average RM20/book. Aunty Woo, Mama got Cecelia Ahern's book for you too.

For those who hate long queue, there is good news here. They opened many payment counter and the staffs were efficient. Thus there are barely any queue formed.

Then the next day we went warehouse sale chasing again. This round is Metrojaya warehouse sale. My Kaw-kaw wanted to get some bedsheets. We went there early but there were already many people in the Stadium.

Things were really cheap there. People were grabbing like nobody's business. Very strict rules on entering the Stadium. Even miniscular handbag have to be "bag" in a yellow plastic. The funny thing is that by noon, I think they are running out of the yellow plastic bag and requested customers to return the said to them when they exit the stadium...hahahaha...
Mama thought wanna buy a beg to carry my milk-milk around as the existing Anmum beg is worn out. She had to abort the purchase as the queue was very long and doesn't seems to be moving at all. Not only Mama aborted her purchase. Another lady also aborted her purchase. We met her at the Nestle booth.

Nevertheless, we didn't go home empty handed. The lady at the Nestle booth gave me so many baby food sample and bibs.. hahaha...
Here are the information of both sales if anyone wishes to go :-

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