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Monday, 6 October 2008

Lunch Buffet @ Noble House

Here we are, at Noble House...finally. Got lost a few times when coming here. This place is kinda hard to find as the signboard was hidden by the trees.
We are here to have buffet. Solely chinese food.
Up! Up! and away! Superboy is here.....! here I come!
Orange something. There are meat floss, small red onions, bits of oranges and pomelo in it.

Eggie custard. Yum yum

Roast P.O.R.K. Mama's favourite

Err...duno what but Aunty Florence and Papa says taste like something that comes out of Campbell soup???

Crab! Crab! Crap..kekeke..opps typo error. Taste okay-la but can't taste the crab Meat.

Uh~la~la...Papa's and Mama's favourite. Prawn dipped in something, pork something and chicken liver with something.

Chicken liver with something

Eee..duno what is this but taste good

There are many more types of food but Mamarazzi too busy eating to snap photos. Sorry ya...I'm still L-licence. Can't tell you the exact name of the nice food. Boleh makan sudah-ler
They have dim sum and Pau too. Papa and Mama have Char Siew Pau while I had Red Bean Pau. The pau was very tasty.
I also had Chicken Porridge and Pork Porridge. It's the first time for me. Both taste good but Mama said it's a bit salty. Aiya! This Mama. Always complain that food are too salty.
They also have Peking Duck, Chicken Wine, Pork Ear Stew and many more. As you know Mamarazzi is a bad photographer. If you want to view more photos of the of the delicious food, here is the link to what other bloggers had blog
The price of this buffet is RM39 per person. They have it every Sundays and Public Holidays..but not during Hari Raya.
Thank you very much Aunty Siew for treating us to such a nice buffet. So now...who else wanna treat me to makan-makan...kih kih kih!


  1. Eh, Auntie...
    From your blog hor, i see u only eat, eat & eat oni hor? Tada kerja ka?

  2. memang tada waiting for you to belanja me makan lor

  3. Can, sure no problem. But must bring that leng chai who always appear in your blog hor!


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