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Friday, 3 October 2008

Keropok! Keropok! Karipap!

What's Mama doing in the kitchen? I can smell something really nice

What's that ugly looking thing?

Oh ..It's Keropok Lekor. Specially bought by Aunty Woo for Papa and Mama from Kemaman.

Fried until golden brown. Papa said this taste nicer than those from Losong. The ones from Losong doesn't taste as good as it used to be. The standard had dropped.

Keropok keping also from Aunty Woo. Mama loves it as it's very thin. Mama doesn't like the thick Keropok keping.

This Karipap very special karipap. Don't play play leh. Inside it's fish! Very cheap. RM1 for 4pcs. Also from Kemaman.

I think I've better call Kor Kor Lay Chit to come back fast or else Papa and mama will polish off everything again.

What is her number in New Zealand ah?

I wanna curi-curi use Mama's phone to call her.

Alo! Alo! Alo! Uiks!? Handphone no battery ah...Too bad~lah. Kor Kor Lay Chit, if you are reading this better come back soon. Psss..Pss.. don't I look smart in this shirt. Aunty Florence it bought for me. kih kih kih..


  1. the keropok made me salivating.. hahaha...

  2. which one? Keropok Lekor orkeropok keping? yum~yum~


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