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Friday, 31 October 2008

Magic Fountain

Hi! Hi! I am in my Magic Pond with a Magic Fountain.
Water comes out of this Magic Fountain in strands. I've tried to catch the water but it just slips off my hands.

Can you help me to cath some of the magic water?

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Big Boy

I am a big boy already

I wanna help lipat baju but Mama says I mess up the baju instead.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Sleepy Botak Head show is on. Sleepy eh. Am hungry too. I wanna watch TV, I wanna eat and I wanna sleep. 3-in-1...multi-tasking can ah??

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Nasi Melayu under the Tree

Let me tell you a secret. There is a Malay food stall in PJ that sells delicious Malay food

It's just a very shabby stall under a tree

But don't look down on it's shabbiness. The stall offers many delicious dishes.

I see also, my saliva dripping liao

Mama loves it's kerabu mangga

And Sambal Petai

Papa likes it's sotong

The biggest secret of all is "Don't Eat There!". You "tapau" is cheaper than eating there. Don't believe me, you can try for youself...kekekeke.

Monday, 27 October 2008


Huh...I want to eat Sharkfin. Not Sharp Fin.
Don't want any sharp fin poking my botak head.

Sunday, 26 October 2008


I wonder what religion shall I follow. Shall I be a Buddhist Monk? Since my head is now botak.

Or shall I .....ah...better for me to have a discussion with God Of Sleep la...goodnight....

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Yuen Steamboat at Sunway

A few days ago we went "Steamboat-ing" again. Rainy days just nice to have steamboat.

This round we went to Yuen Steamboat at Sunway

It's a buffet style steamboat. You just go choose and pick whatever things that you wish to put into the "boat"

They have a large variety of steamboat thingy to choose from.

It's just too bad that that day the fish was not fresh.
They also provided Fried Rice and Fried Bihun with Curry Chicken for people to eat while they are waiting for the steamboat

So what are we waiting for? Lets eat!

Uiks! The famous BBQ Chicken Wings just arrived? Let me wear my socks 1st before go and take....Argh! Dah habis!!! Not even 1 minute. People grabbed kah liau.

Where did this comes from?

Oh Papa clever ah. Went downstairs to take...kakaka

They have Fruits, Kuih-Muih and Ice Cream too.


Watcha!!!!!!!!!!!! I am having sugar rush from the Watermelon and Ice-Cream

Well, this is just Mamarazzi's personal opnion lah. It may not represent the truth. Many have praised this shop. Do come and try and see for yourself.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Storm Fury in KL

Yesterday, I was guai-guai playing by myself.

Then I felt sleepy.
Before I slept, I have full a crop of hair

While I was sleeping, the storm that was in Penang the day before must've arrived K.L.

Coz when I woke up, all my hair are gone!!! Gone with the wind. Papa call me "Botak!"

Thursday, 23 October 2008

MPH Warehouse Sale & Metrojaya Warehouse Sale

Ready? Here we go again. Mama is crazy chasing warehouse sale again. Top priority -MPH Warehouse Sale!

We arrived rather late, about 11am. Quite a number of people were already there. So many new books. Mama spotted her current favourite author - Jodi Picoult books.Too bad don't have her latest book. Mama managed to get most of the books she wanted, except for "The Gift Of Rain by Tan Twan Eng".

Most of the books that Mama bought were very cheap. Average RM20/book. Aunty Woo, Mama got Cecelia Ahern's book for you too.

For those who hate long queue, there is good news here. They opened many payment counter and the staffs were efficient. Thus there are barely any queue formed.

Then the next day we went warehouse sale chasing again. This round is Metrojaya warehouse sale. My Kaw-kaw wanted to get some bedsheets. We went there early but there were already many people in the Stadium.

Things were really cheap there. People were grabbing like nobody's business. Very strict rules on entering the Stadium. Even miniscular handbag have to be "bag" in a yellow plastic. The funny thing is that by noon, I think they are running out of the yellow plastic bag and requested customers to return the said to them when they exit the stadium...hahahaha...
Mama thought wanna buy a beg to carry my milk-milk around as the existing Anmum beg is worn out. She had to abort the purchase as the queue was very long and doesn't seems to be moving at all. Not only Mama aborted her purchase. Another lady also aborted her purchase. We met her at the Nestle booth.

Nevertheless, we didn't go home empty handed. The lady at the Nestle booth gave me so many baby food sample and bibs.. hahaha...
Here are the information of both sales if anyone wishes to go :-

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

BB Ho Steamboat at Bandar Puteri Puchong

Makan trip again.

What is this BIG pot of thingy?

So much steam coming out geh? Need to call Fire Brigade ka?

Oh it's call Steamboat ah? So big pot can finish or not?

Let me help. I'll eat the Bihun.


Hmm...what else can I eat? Kaw-Kaw is holding such a big plate of Crab Bihun.

Kaw-kaw, don't worry. I can help you to finish this dish. I heard Mama said that this is the most delicious Crab Bihun. This dish was even featured in one of the local makan-makan show.

A Wedding Dinner At Jaya Palace

Blink*Blink* why is there so many UFO above? Oh ..Not UFO..It's pretty lanterns. We are at Jaya Palace attending a wedding dinner.

Oh no... I am getting heavier. Grandmama unable to carry me liao.

What is this? A gift for me? Just like at Abang's Zaki and Kak Yuni's wedding.

I wonder what is inside of this.

Uiks! Kung Kung is here. Yes, Kung-Kung..I am very comfy sitting here.

But look, Kung-Kung. This chair is rather not secured. The safety belt have no buckle.

If I am a naughty boy, I can climb out of this chair

Yoh! Mr Manager. You've better get this chair fix fast. It's dangerous for baby, you know!

Okie-dokie. I am ready for dinner

The first dish "Palace Five Combination". Delicious! But I didn't get to eat any.. *sob*sob

Soup! Slurrrp!

Double Boiled Sharkfin Soup with Village Chicken. Wow! There is really pieces of sharkfin there instead of the usual shredded sharkfin. There is also big piece of scallop. Can I have another bowl? No? Each person one bowl only ah?

Hahaha! this one I know! Roast duck. One of Mama's favourite.

Smoked Duck with Tea Leaves. I wonder how they smoke it? Did they let the duck smoke cigarette and drink Chinese Tea before they cook it? Mama like it very much. But weird...why there is a lot of duck leftover? Nobody eating it geh...

Uh...this dish I definitely cannot eat. Papa said no prawns for me till I am bigger

Baked Fresh Prawns Pepper and Salt. Yum~yum.

I spy with my little eyes....someone I know.

It's Dr Soh! She looks very pretty tonight. Yeh~yeh! No more jab-jab for me.

Hello! Dr Soh. How are you? Ah...I can eat fish ah? YIPPEE!!!!!!

Palace Style Steam Promfrey Fish. Yayay! Mama feed me fishhhhhhhh...I want fishhhhhhh.

Mmmnnn...what's this? Finish so fast geh..Mama barely had time to snap photo of this dish

It's Braised Vegetable with Mushroom and Dried Scallop. Taste very good. No wonder it finished so fast.

Hmm...why is there so much leftover for this dish geh?

Hong Kong Glutinous Rice. Maybe people preferred Ijok Beggar Rice kot? But this one not bad. Got a lot of "Lap Cheong".

Still got some more food ah???? I am full already.'s dessert ya.

Mochi and the cake.

Longan drink. Too full already Cannot go in anymore.

Then My Tiaw Kung came over to play with me.

I show him the gift

I give it to Tiaw Kung but he ask me to keep it.

He taught me how to yell "Yammmm Sing!"

We had fun

And too soon, the dinner was over..Time to go home. Gudnite

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