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Friday, 26 September 2008

Pick N' Brew, 1Utama

This is my first experience of going for Buffet.

Mama read many blogs that mention this Pick N' Brew Restaurant have a very good Ramadan Buffet. She told me all about it and I've been looking forward to it for a long time.

We nearly didn't made it because of some mis-communication. Thanks to the Manager, Ms Shirley, who managed to sort out the glitch for us.

And here we are at Pick N' Brew, 1 Utama...finally.

Very very cute decoration at the entrance. Can I take it home? The ambiance of the Restaurant is also very good. They even put real apples as decoration! I was tempted to take one.

Wa.....Ms Shirley reserved such a BIG table for for us? Aiyah...I should've telephone Grandmama and Grandpa to fly down along with Jie Jie Ling.

Ciak! Cute or not? Papa made this hat for me.

Yippee! This restaurant even provided me with my own plate, bowl and cutleries

Ahem.....this spoon reminds me of a certain part of my body.. ahem ahem..Ah...don't care~lah. Makan aje~lah.

Mama was very hungry. See! she took so much food. Hey! Mama give me some please.
Mama's favourite Ikan Pari Bakar

I am SOOOO full. Cannot smile liao. I ate so much. I ate cake. I ate rice. I ate pumpkin soup. I ate sweet Potato. It was simply delicious! I ate so much that Papa start to worry that my tummy will explode.
Lucky the Restaurant people didn't know a 7 month old baby can eat so much or else they would have charge Papa for my food..hehehe..
Mama didn't have time to take photos of all the nice food they have there. If you wanna see what they offer, here are the links to the blogs about the food there

I hope I can go for more Buffet soon.


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