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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Nasi Lemak Mak

Every time, Grandmama come to KL, she sure bring a lot of food. Making my saliva dripping non-stop. This round, it's Seafood Petai, Fish and Baby Cucumber.

One morning, I went with Mama to the shop nearby and bought shredded Coconut. Mama cooked Nasi lemak with the Santan from the Coconut while the pulp itself was used to make Ondeh-Ondeh Gula Melaka.

The rice smelled real nice with the Santan, Pandan Leaf and Bunga Cengkih.

Mama fried the Kangkung which we brought from GIANT. Papa loves to eat Nasi Lemak with Kangkung.

The main dish! Seafood Petai! Mouth watering. This Petai really got "UMPH". Mama said after eating, go toilet straight away there is smell..hahahaha

Fish! Another on of Papa's favourite

Telur Ikan Puyuh. Papa loves this too. Mama don't eat.

Fried Egg. One for each of us but Papa ate mine.*sob*sob*sob*

Last but not least crunchy baby cucumber and fried ikan bilis which is a must for a good Nasi Lemak.

This is the Gula Melaka which Kong-Kong went very far to buy for Grandmama. Taste different from the normal Gula Melaka. Not that sweet but the aroma is very nice.

The dough for the Ondeh-Ondeh. Mama always got the wrong type of flour. Lucky Koh Koh Jon's mum told Mama which is the correct type.

Ondeh ondeh in the boiling pot. Waiting for it to float up. When it float up, means it's cooked.

The Ondeh-Ondeh itself. Papa said too bad KL don't have Kelapa Parut Muda. All is Kelapa Parut Tua. Kelapa Muda makes the Ondeh-Ondeh taste much nicer.

I hope I will be allowed to eat Nasi Lemak soon.

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