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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Dinner at Emperor Garden

As I've said earlier, we went for Pek Kong's Birthday Dinner. It was at Emperor Garden at Bandar Menjalara. much delicious looking food on the table. Mamarazzi didn't managed to snap photo of the first two dish because Mama went downstairs with me for awhile. However, Papa did reserve some of the food for Mama. The Longevity Noodle was really tasty and follow by the Four Season dish. That dish was good. Consist of pork ribs, shark fin fried with egg, crab stick and one more thing which I've forgotten.

The Four season dish, was followed by Shark Fin soup. Yummy..Too bad Papa said I cannot eat seafood yet. Have to wait till I am 1 year old.

Oink! Oink! Oink! Roasted Suckling Piglet. it consist of skin only. Very crunchy skin and very little fat. Good till the very last bit. Even the head also "disappeared".

Steamed Fish. My Em Em said this is a very expensive type of fish. Not the normal "Ikan Bawal".

Wow! Prawns. Mama likes prawns but lazy to peel the skin. Papa peeled the skin for her.

Abalone Mushroom with vegetable. The vegetable was real crunchy. How come when Mama cook this type of vegetable, it didn't turn up right one leh???

Sea-Coconut with Lemon drink. Wow! sedaaaappp...Very refreshing after all the food. Mama said she will try putting Lemon into the sea-coconut drink which she makes next time.

Hah! This dish I can personally comment based on experience. The Pau tasted DELICIOUS! Mama let me eat one whole Pau. She cubit bit by bit for me to eat. Yummy. I didn't eat the Mooncake as Mama said it's too sweet for me.

Hey..anyone having BIG Birthday or getting married soon? If you are having it at Emperor Garden, don't forget to invite me. I wanna eat the Pau again.

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