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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Tesco, Setia Alam

Yayay! we are going gai-gai again. This time to Setia Alam. Papa said there is a new Tesco there.

Here it is. The new Tesco. Very big building

The parking space is wide and they even put in the rubber thingy on the wall so that careless people won't bang their car doors against the sharp corner of the wall. Their car won't get scratched.

I feel very secured too coz the safety straps on the Baby seat are all new

All the shops are opened already. Very spacious and bright.

The lady at the Information Counter says that there is a bus that ferry their customers to Tesco.

Tell you on funny thing. There is fish that call Ikan Nyanyuk..kih kih kih

There! that is how fish looked when they are "nyanyuk".

Hmm... I belum puas jalan Mama already say she is tired. I don't wanna go home yet! Ok~ we go rest awhile at the Food Court.

What's that? Can I try some?

Papa ordered something called Beef Keoy Teow Noodle. Papa said this is the first time that food from Food Court taste good.

They have very weird ABC here. The ABC comes with a hole in the middle........

That's all for now. I've to go to sleep already or else Mama will scold me. Goodnite...

Monday, 29 September 2008


Mmmmm....Mama says I am "budak comot". Not my fault ah..Mama made the cereal too watery.

Don't care ~lah. I "makan aje~la"

By the way, can you see my long eye lashes in this photo? Inherited from Mama.

Funny Faces

Papa says that I like to make funny faces. I don't do I?

Wedding Buffet at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

Weeee! We are invited to Uncle VJ and Aunty Yit Mei's wedding party. It was held by the Pool Terrace at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort.

Papa! please carry me up. I wanna look around.

Ciak! Here we are. You know where is this?

It's the swimming pool. Many people around. Looks clean.

Papa, Can I go down there to swim-swim? No? hor. Okie~okie~

Ooo..This place is really beautiful.

Interesting seating arrangement. Some tables there are 4 chairs, some 6, and some 10.

I wonder what does this thingy symbolise. Have to ask Uncle VJ when I see him next time.

Very romantic. Candle light dinner.

What is this?

A hat for me?

Papa! Papa! I am hungry

Can get me something to eat?

Alamak! Papa ni. I wana eat, Papa give me toy to play pulak. Or is it Papa want me to eat Escargot? All these food makes my tummy rumble already. When can we eat? Papa.

Got Bread

All sorts of Salad and many other dishes.


A man pouring out Ribena. Can I have some Ribena please?

This is not Ribena? It's Red Wine ah? But still...can I have a sip? No?

Ok~loh. I'll just eat these delicious cakes and some papaya, ok?

Yawn~ I wanna sleep liao. Tummy full full nice to sleep. Before that, a toast and Congratulation to Uncle VJ and Aunty Yit Mei. Thank you for inviting us to such a lovely party.


Sunday, 28 September 2008

House Of Fishball at Damansara Utama

Let me tell you what happen last night. Terrible leh. We went out to buy somethings. As dinner time is near, Papa and Mama decided to "cari makan"

We stopped at one. Haiyo! Let me tell you. The waitress and waiters were everywhere BUT it seems that they have forgotten to wear their spectacles. We waited more than 10 minutes for them to clear/clean the table for us and yet they still could not see us or more like pretend not to see us. In the end we walked off.

It's a blessing in disguise. That is how we found The House Of Fishball. Normally Mama doesn't like to eat Fishball coz she says it's smelly. But since it's late and everyone is hungry..hentam aje~la.

Oh and it's Pork Free, just in case anyone is wondering.

Mama ordered Fishball Bihun and she shared it with me. Uh~la~la~ It's soooooo delicious. I feel that I can eat the whole bowl by myself. Even Mama says this is the BEST Fishball Noodle that she have ever tasted.

Papa ordered Homeland Noodle. It's something like Wan Tan Mee. Portion is a bit small for Papa but the taste..yummy~ Price? RM5 only. Slightly higher than normal hawker stall. But it's worth it coz the food is good.

Fried Chee Cheong Fun. I didn't eat. Papa said it tasted ok.

This shop also have various "Thong Sui".

Fried sui kow and others fried things to be eaten as it is or to add into the noodles.

They also have Yong Tau Foo.

Uiks! what is this funny machine? For making Pan Mee? Papa says it's to capture flies. Hmm..this shop is certainly hygienic.

When Koh Koh Jon comes to KL, I have to bring him to eat at this shop.
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