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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Worst Dinner Ever

Yuck! The other night we had the worst dinner ever in one of the restaurant at Kg Melayu Subang. Or maybe that we have become "water fish".

We should have been warned when we were presented with the ONE and only Menu. And when I say ONE it really mean ONE. We asked for another copy of the Menu, the "waiter" said that's the only copy.

We should have runaway when we saw the menu is peppered with typo error. Well, what can one expect from an ice "blanded" drink, steak cooked with black "paper", drink like "holick"(ho lick=nice to lick??) and they even serve "sour soup". Gosh! I thought those people would have throw away and soup that have gone sour.

But still we give them a chance. Maybe the food will be nicer since the environment looks very nice. Something like a malay kampung setting with dim light and stuffs.

Papa ordered "sup ekor" which cost RM6. And "WOW!" what a BIG pot. The pot can be fully covered by Papa single palm and in it there was only 3 pieces of meat.

Mama ordered Kerabu Mangga. It was only 7pm. That fella dare to come and say "sorry, Kerabu Mangga dah habis." Hello!! dinner time just started. How can the "kerabu" be "habis"?. If don't have then don't lie. When confronted, the man admitted that they don't have this dish that day.

Mama end up order Kai Lan with salted fish. Not such a good dish. Just a tiny bit of Kai Lan.

Another disappointing dish is the Daging Masak Petai. Can you all guess how many pieces of meat? FIVE pieces of very small and thinly sliced meat! And 1piece of Petai was cut into 4 pieces. Mama counted that there are not more than 3 piece of petai which makes up that dish. And it cost RM4-50.
Uncle Hock ordered Sotong Masak Kunyit. Wow! what a "BIG" plate. It's the same size of Uncle's palm.
And one plate of plain rice cost RM1-30.
This is the size of the "sotong" and the piece of meat in comparison to Mama short finger.
This restaurant is really a nightmare.

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