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Monday, 4 August 2008

Satay Satay Satay

Papa's cousin came over to stay a few days. And we went to eat Haji Samuri Satay at Damansara Utama with Koh Poh Tian. Went we arrive, not many people were there.

OoOo..I can see they "frying" the satay thru the window.

This shop offers many variety of satay. Apart from the usual chicken meat and beef satay, they also offer "rabbit meat satay", "goat meat satay", "deer meat satay", "cow stomach satay" and etc.

Papa also ordered "Nasi himpit" and t comes in a plate with slices of cucumber

The satay "Kuah" is not spicy. You'll have to add "sambal" to make it spicy.

This shop also offers ala carte meal like Nasi goreng Kampung, Nasi Pattaya and various others. Mama ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung

Uiks! "Ada udang di sebalik nasi". One large prawn. Nevertheless, mama said the Nasi doesn't taste nice. Too soft and tasteless.

Uh...where is the waiter? Called so many time still nobody entertain our request. The service at this branch really lousy. The one at Kajang offers much better service compared to this. The taste of the satay also not as good as the one in Kajang.

Hm...complaint so much and yet everyone finished off all the satay. Didn't even leave one stick for me. Excuses excuses..say that I don't have teeth thus cannot eat satay. You all just wait till my teeth comes out! hmpf!

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