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Friday, 22 August 2008

Medan Selera Merdeka, Brickfield

Ua..Where are we now? Cari makan again? Tak habis-habis makan. When wanna go warehouse sale and buy stuffs for me?

Medan Selera Merdeka? Food for Muslim? Mama buang tabiat ke?

Ua...I can see Police Station across the road. Where is this place? Brickfield ah?

Oh.. Mama read in a blog that recommend this place highly. Says that this place offers near "authentic" chinese food for muslim. Thus want to try out this place. nice or not ah? No P.O.R.K wor.

Papa like to "Sik Tafu"(eat tafu).. ekekeke. Claypot Tafu. Papa said tasted ok-ok la. Mama still preferred the one at Serdang Perdana. More umph!

Marmite Chicken. Mama like it though Papa said it's not that good. Portion a bit too small.

Mixed Vegetable. Taste good but not enough variety of vegetables. Mostly leafy vegetables. They should have add some crunchy vegetables too to make it taste nicer.

Yikes! what is that?? JAWS ka? It's steam fish. Both Papa and Mama agreed the fish taste not that fresh.

Haiyo! Very hard to please lah this Papa and Mama. Cerewek when comes to food.

Price wise it's a bit more expensive when compared to normal chinese shop.

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