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Thursday, 28 August 2008


I wanna watch television. Sleepy.I am so sleepy

I don't wanna sleep yet. My show is on. Wanna watch first.

Lend me a toothpick please to keep my eyes open.

On the other hand....


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Can't help it.

Emm...milk-milk is so good. So good till I can't help it. Drink milk-milk with my leg crossed.

Mama said I look like "Ah Pek" drinking milk with my legs crossed.

Gigantic Lei

That "lei" looks juicy and yummy. Fuiyo! It's as large as my head.

Is this for me?

Wah! it's for me ah? Can eat for one week also cannot finish. Where shall I start?

Very heavy leh. I better hide it before Papa 'curi" my lei to eat.

Hide it under my seat should be safe enough...hehehehe

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Goooood Morning!

Gooooood Morning everyone! It's a Sunny Sunday!

Where is my breakfast? Hungry! Snotty The Kid is nearly gone. My nose is coming home. Temporarily, I will be Sunny Snotty the Sexy Kid! Duno why this Garfield "baju" got no button at the top.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Times Books Warehouse Sale at Plaza Damas

Vroom! Vroom here we go again. Warehouse sale, here we come. We are at Plaza Damas Sri Hartamas going for TIMES books warehouse sale

Wahhhhh! This venue is much much better than the one at Hamodal. Place very cooling for me and Papa. My nose is much better when in this cool place.

Many many many books. Mama is very happy coz she found her Jodi Picoult book. Aunty Woo also happy coz this is the one and only Jodi's book that both Mama and aunty have yet to read. Aunty Woo's sister must be happy too coz Cecelia Ahern books is the too.

I am not happy coz no books for me. Children musical books are selling for RM48-RM72 and with only 30% discount. Still too expensive. BookXcess price for children book is much cheaper than those of the warehouse sale. Maybe Mama will go hunting there.

Snotty The Kid

Hey you! Come back! Come back! My eyes are watery already. My nose had runaway chasing after Papa's nose.

Now Mama call me Snotty Kid liao. *sob*sob*

Friday, 22 August 2008

I Want More!

Yum! Yum! Nice..nice. No! cannot pull the bowl away. It's mine! All Mine!

Weeeeekkkkkkk...I want some more! Not enough! I want more.

The Pavillion

Na~na~na~na~na~ naaa~ Papa is bringing me out gai-gai again

This time we went to The Pavillion. Geee...Very big and looks something like Senayan City at Jakarta. Many things to see there. A lot of branded goods.

Most of all, we visited the shop of a high ranking "roti seller". Yup! it's The Loaf. The shop that belongs to our former Prime Minister, Dr M. The "roti" here very special when compared to the rest. Papa bought some for Mama to eat with her favourite Kopi O. I hope that Mama will let me taste some of the "roti".

The Pavillion is a nice place to visit but unfortunately it was rather stuffy there. The air-conditioning not cool enough. I was sweating leh. Cut cost ke?

Medan Selera Merdeka, Brickfield

Ua..Where are we now? Cari makan again? Tak habis-habis makan. When wanna go warehouse sale and buy stuffs for me?

Medan Selera Merdeka? Food for Muslim? Mama buang tabiat ke?

Ua...I can see Police Station across the road. Where is this place? Brickfield ah?

Oh.. Mama read in a blog that recommend this place highly. Says that this place offers near "authentic" chinese food for muslim. Thus want to try out this place. nice or not ah? No P.O.R.K wor.

Papa like to "Sik Tafu"(eat tafu).. ekekeke. Claypot Tafu. Papa said tasted ok-ok la. Mama still preferred the one at Serdang Perdana. More umph!

Marmite Chicken. Mama like it though Papa said it's not that good. Portion a bit too small.

Mixed Vegetable. Taste good but not enough variety of vegetables. Mostly leafy vegetables. They should have add some crunchy vegetables too to make it taste nicer.

Yikes! what is that?? JAWS ka? It's steam fish. Both Papa and Mama agreed the fish taste not that fresh.

Haiyo! Very hard to please lah this Papa and Mama. Cerewek when comes to food.

Price wise it's a bit more expensive when compared to normal chinese shop.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Jab Jab Again's that time of the month again. Jab jab time.

No~No~Noo... I don't wanna got in. Jab jab pain pain.....

Hahaha! jab jab liao! No more jab jab liao till I am 1 year old. Yipee! and whats more is that Dr Soh says that I can start eating solid. Muhahaha..

Mun Wah Hokkien Mee at Jalan Maharajalela

Hmm...Mama going to eat Hokkien Mee again. I cannot eat coz Papa say I am too small
The hokkien mee looks very "sedap". A lot of ingredients in it. They have pork liver, prawn, sotong, pork lard and vegetables. Mama said it taste even better that the Banana Leaf Hokkien Mee at Kota Damansara.

Here is the information on its operating days and hours should anyone wish to try it out.

Ah Yap Fried Keow Teow at Pandan Perdana.

Yayay!!! I can look forward to eating "BEST" Fried Keow Teow again. Thanks to Aunty Woo. Mama found another CKT that can rival the missing CKT from Bricfields

This is Ah Yap CKT located at Restaurant To, Jln Perdana 4/8, Pandan Perdana, KL. Sorry, didnt get the telephone number. However, according to the boss, they seldom close.

From far away can hear the boss busy frying CKT

This CKT is really "loaded". There are fish paste, "see hum", prawn, "lap cheong" and Pork lard!

Mama's comment :Sedaaaaaapppp

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Worst Dinner Ever

Yuck! The other night we had the worst dinner ever in one of the restaurant at Kg Melayu Subang. Or maybe that we have become "water fish".

We should have been warned when we were presented with the ONE and only Menu. And when I say ONE it really mean ONE. We asked for another copy of the Menu, the "waiter" said that's the only copy.

We should have runaway when we saw the menu is peppered with typo error. Well, what can one expect from an ice "blanded" drink, steak cooked with black "paper", drink like "holick"(ho lick=nice to lick??) and they even serve "sour soup". Gosh! I thought those people would have throw away and soup that have gone sour.

But still we give them a chance. Maybe the food will be nicer since the environment looks very nice. Something like a malay kampung setting with dim light and stuffs.

Papa ordered "sup ekor" which cost RM6. And "WOW!" what a BIG pot. The pot can be fully covered by Papa single palm and in it there was only 3 pieces of meat.

Mama ordered Kerabu Mangga. It was only 7pm. That fella dare to come and say "sorry, Kerabu Mangga dah habis." Hello!! dinner time just started. How can the "kerabu" be "habis"?. If don't have then don't lie. When confronted, the man admitted that they don't have this dish that day.

Mama end up order Kai Lan with salted fish. Not such a good dish. Just a tiny bit of Kai Lan.

Another disappointing dish is the Daging Masak Petai. Can you all guess how many pieces of meat? FIVE pieces of very small and thinly sliced meat! And 1piece of Petai was cut into 4 pieces. Mama counted that there are not more than 3 piece of petai which makes up that dish. And it cost RM4-50.
Uncle Hock ordered Sotong Masak Kunyit. Wow! what a "BIG" plate. It's the same size of Uncle's palm.
And one plate of plain rice cost RM1-30.
This is the size of the "sotong" and the piece of meat in comparison to Mama short finger.
This restaurant is really a nightmare.
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