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Thursday, 31 July 2008


Hiya! I can make new sound liao. I can pretend that I am a small kitten. Meowwwwww!

Shopping Again

Shopping again ah??
I am going to put on my "grumpy face". Don't kacau me. I wanna sleep. Sleeeeeepppppyyyy.

Phang Key Dim Sum

Vroom! Vroom! here we go again! Makan time.. Koh Koh Lay Chit, Jom go makan Dim Sum many people geh at this place..

Nearly every table is full. We are at Phang Key Dim Sum, Happy Garden.

Yummy yum yum dim sum. So many types and shapes. Papa said this dim sum is much nicer than the Pang Kee Dim Sum at Sri Petaling. Price wise...ahem ahem...makan aje la.

Pick me up Mama, Pick me up! Even if I cannot eat, at least I get to see and smell the Dim Sum.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Seafood at Port Klang

Where am I? Where Papa bring me to? Every time I fall asleep in the car, I end-up at some weird place.

Hmm..there is a boat over there. Must be somewhere near a river or sea.

Oh I know..oh I know.. I know where we are at now.

It's a seafood restaurant at Port Klang. Papa and Mama is on a makan trip with some friends again.

Lala beehoon-Mama said she doesn't like it. The lala too tiny. However, despite the negative comments this dish gets finish off.

Fried Oh Chien- Papa doesn't like it as the eggs are not crunchy enough. Penang Fried Oh Chien taste better. I hope Papa will bring me to Penang soon. I heard so much about this place.

Four Heavenly King- Mama love this dish. Maybe it's because there are petai in it. Aunty Siew loves the sambal.

Kam Heong Crab-The main dish. The meat taste sweet and firm. Yummy!

I can only look. Can't eat. What else to do but to suck my fingers loh...(as usual).

Friday, 25 July 2008

Restaurant Maxis

Anyone is hungry? Let me introduce you to a good "Chap Farn" (mixed rice) stall.

The stall is located at the back portion of Restaurant Maxis at Taman Subang Perdana.

It's open for lunch and dinner. Good variety of dishes and price is very reasonable. The cooking taste like home cooked meal

For dinner, they even provide free soup. It not those ciplak sort of soup. Sometimes they have Watercrest nut plant soup, lotus soup, chinese cabbage soup, old cucumber soup and etc. The soup will be different daily.

Up Up and Away!

Fuiyo! Petrol price is sky rocketing. I better count my toey. By the time I grow up, I might have to walk to everywhere instead of using a car.

You ask me how I do I know that? Becauseeeee...... even petrol station started to "bercucuk-tanam" in their compound!

I saw this "resourceful" Petrol Station at Batu 3 Sg Buloh.

Got Jackfruit tree

Got manggo, banana and corn trees

And some unknown seedlings.

I heard our PM Pak Lah is asking people to plant vegetable at their home compound. I wonder what type of vegetables did Pak Lah plant in his home compound. I hope he cultivate Sweet Potato plant. Mama love to drink Sweet Potato Tong Sui.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Golek Golek

I golek to the left,
I golek to the right,
I golek golek,
I golek with all my might!

Toy Toy

Uuuu...what's this? Got music one leh. Papa said this toy toy is my present from his pals when I was newly born.

Cute or not? Me and froggy..ribbit ribbit...

6 Packs

Who call me fat? I am not fat. I just have 6 packs.

See here. I can be a supermodel. Look at my 6 packs.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

I Want Pau

Pau..Nice steamy fluffy aromatic Char Siew Pau.

Papa, I want to eat Char Siew Pau. Look! My saliva dripping to the plate liao. Please..pretty please. Just a bite. Pleaseeeee..

Don't wanna friend Papa liao.Papa finished all the pau hmpf!

Thursday, 17 July 2008


While Mama was buying durian at Bentong, I saw an accident. It has just stopped raining and the road was slippery. Suddenly I heard the sound of a car braking and a loud "Boom!".

Some Indian men who were hanging pout at the durian stall rush across the road in the blink of an eye. Wah! They looked very daring. They run across the road without looking at the oncoming vehicles.

At first, I thought they were rushing to help the driver. I was very disappointed. The durian seller informed that those men operate tow trucks. They are always hang out at the durian stall waiting for accident the happen and that accident frequently happen there because of the sharp corner.

Cheh! they rush there to get business. Not as courageous as I thought them to be. Hey! they might even cause an accident by running across the road regardless of oncoming vehicles.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I'm Lovin' It

I love going back to visit grandma and grandpa. Why? you may ask. Because....

Kong kong will carry me.

Grandmama will carry me.

Koh Koh Lay Liew will carry me.

My cousins will play with me

Kor Kor Jon's mummy give me new toy

Koh Koh Lay Liew bought me new clothes. But most of many people "sayang" and "manja" me.

Even the mosquitoes "sayang" me!

Thank you very much.


Yay! *Bite* new teether. I've got a new teether

Grrrr...geram geram geram..bite bite bite

What is Jie Jie Lin looking at? *Bite* Bite* Bite*

Don't look ah! Can't a guy bite his teether in peace without people watching him and Mamarazzi snapping photos!

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