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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Jab jab jab

Grrrrr......Mama said go gai-gai. Instead, bring me to Dr Soh for jab jab. Now left and right bum-bum pain-pain. That's why I merajuk till mouth like Donald Duck. Quack! quack! quack!
Well, at least I pass the examination. I am not overweight though I may look BIG.
Actually, I am not that BIG. There was another baby there named Isaac who is a day older than me. Omg! he is much bigger than I am. Guess maybe he would fail the weight examination.
His grandmama says he drinks formula milk solely. Enfalac. His Mama no longer give him nen nen.
We sat next to each other and compared the sole of our feet. His is larger than mine. But then my body is much firmer than his. No flabby thigh..kekekeke..

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