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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A Day Out

Yayay! Papa is bringing Mama and me for gai-gai. Papa say go to Ikano for walk-walk and makan.

We went to Teppanyaki Restaurant to have lunch. Interesting. The food is cooked in front of customers. Papa says very smoky if sit in front of the "chef". Thus, we took a table far away from the action.

Papa and Mama ordered Beef Teppanyaki, Fuji Snow and Green Tea. The food looks good in the photos, right? Must have taste good too.

Beef Teppanyaki

Fuji Snow

Green Tea

I don't know how the food taste like coz while waiting for it to come, I fell asleep. Nice to sleep. Cool air-cond and soft music playing. My eyes just won't stay open. I had so wanted to try the taste of Fuji Snow.

When I open my eyes next. OoOoOooooo.... so many lenglui and some not so lenglui around. Lenglui here are much different from those at my Ah Ma and Ah Kong's place.

My eyes also juling from looking at all the lenglui.

Omigosh! some of them wear so skimpy. It's not my fault that I saw some things that I am not supposed to see. The pram is low and they happen to walk by my line of vision...kekeke

Then, it's time to go home. Mama said she is hungry. Want to eat Rojak Buah. Yummy! I love Rojak Buah. When I was in Mama tummy, we used to go to Damansara Jaya to buy Rojak Buah from an uncle who operate the business from a motorcycle.

This Rojak Buah is located next to Atria. I think this Uncle is quite famous for his Rojak Buah. Saw some newspaper clippings paste on the side of the glass. (Note to Aunty Beetle: Remember to try this Rojak when you go for Big Bookshop Slae at Atria)

Delicious Rojak with lotsa things inside. There are Pineapple, Papaya, Sengkuang, Manggo, Kangkung, Taugeh and Keropok.

I was napping when Papa buy the Rojak.

And to all the kids out there, remember to wear your seat belt (like me) when you are in the car. Mama always help me to wear my seat belt. Seat belt can prevent..blah blah blah case of a collision..blah blah blah... Ini adalah peringatan keselamatan dari Kementerian.....

Ahem, sorry. Got off track for a moment. Well, back to the story.

By the time I woke up from the nap. The Rojak finished liao...ungek! ungek! unfair!. Where is my share?

Dah lah no Rojak..kena sumbat with water pulak. Apa nak buat?. Minum aje-la...........

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