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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Ah Ma Come to Visit

Yesterday was a happy day for me. Ah Ma came for a visit and will be staying in KL for a whole week. Yay! I can talk talk talk to Ah Ma. Show her my bear bear and toy toy.

Papa drove Mama and me to airport to fetch Ah Ma. Aiyo! we haven't arrive, the plane landed. Plane fly so fast.

After we fetch Ah Ma, we went to eat Roti Canai and thosai at Salmah. Wah! I saw many of my "friends" there...kekeke...

At night we went to visit my Pek Pek's family. Ah Ma will be staying with Pek Pek for a few days before coming to play with me. That is my "Em Em" with my cousins. My Em Em bought me some new "baju".

These two pretty girls are my cousins, Lyna and Lisa. Though I can't tell who is who as they are identical twins.

They loves to play with me. Another cousin is not here as she was in her room. Her name is Kimberly.

Then we all went to have dinner at a restaurant nearby. Koh Poh Tian and "grand uncle" Mok were there also. I heard they ordered many dishes.

This restaurant has a very nice view. There are many fan on top of the ceiling. Turning turning turning turning eyes getting heavy...turning...turning.....turning....

The next thing I know was that I woke up in my pajama...Uiks! where are everyone? Where is Ah Ma?????

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