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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mystery Solved

Hello! it's Joshua again. How is everyone? I got some more news for everyone.

Yesterday, my Mama thought she is very clever oh. Try to hush my screaming with pacifier. At first, I choot choot choot. Thinking it's a miniature milk milk bottle. After a few times, I realised it's a dummy. What I did was, I spit it out every time Mama tries to sumbat me with it.

Since I cry and cry last night till I was like *pengsan*, Mama and my Aunty Liew brought me to see Doctor.

Uwaaaaa! my birdie kena harass again. The first thing the doctor check was my skull. Then follow by my birdie........hmm why do adults like o see my birdie and my two rambutans ah?? The first day of my birth, my Grandmama wana see my rambutans. Said that red rambutans means my skin will be fair when I grow up and if black rambutan means I'll be dark. Guess, I'll just be tall dark and handsome-lah *kekeke*

Back to the story. The Doctor finally told Mama what I have been trying to convey to her the past few days. I have colic thus I scream and scream and scream. From a book, it said this colic thingy will go on till I am at week 12 or week 14. *kekeke* Mama no need to sleep loh *kekekeke*

My greenish poop was due to indigestion. The milk milk going too fast thru my small intestine. Not enough time to be baked into cheese cake.

The doctor gave a bunch of things called "medicine" to Mama. it something that can be eaten? If yes, hopefully it taste as good as milk milk.

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