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Monday, 28 April 2008

Ah Piang!

Uiks!! What is Mama doing???

No! No! No photo please..Mama paparazzi. I look like Ah Piang with the hat/cap on. No photo no no

Ungekkkkkkk......I don't want ..I don't want....

Waaaaaaa........Don't want ahhhhhhhhh............ungekkkkkkkk...waaaaa.....

Friday, 25 April 2008

Boing boing boing

Had somebody spiked my milk milk with "estacy pills"? why do my world seems to boing boing boing.....

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Adoi!!!Bum bum painful

Ungek! ungek! ungek! I woke up this morning 7a.m. so happy. Mama say bring me gai-gai today.
Had my milk milk and changed into nice nice baju. Went to my "Kaw poh" house to pick her up for gai-gai.

We went to a place called "Damansara Specialist Hospital". Very cold there...brrrr....

Saw Dr Soh who play with me and feed me a nice syrup. The syrup is a kind of Vaccine they say. Nice nice wor..can I have some more? But then ah..that place not that good..out of the sudden got "mosquitoes" bite bite my bum bum...both left and right bum also got bitten. Mama said the mosquitoes are called injection...

Bad bad mosquitoes...every time I go to that place, I got bitten..sob sob..the 1st and 2nd time was on my my bum bum kena bite. Hmmm...I have to tell Dr Soh to borrow Ah Kong's mosquitoes spray to kill the mosquitoes.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Thought of enjoying a nice ice-cream cone. When I unwrapped it, the cone was half filled and taste real yuckky. And it cost RM2-90!. They should have check the quality of the ice-cream they sells. I've wrote in to the company to complain. Pending reply.

When I cry..

When I might mean....

I want a bath...

I wanna wear new Baju...

I wanna sleepppppp


This is one of his 1st….1st time in a pram. This Mama Kucing really L-Licence. Don’t know which direction to place his head. Terbalik pun terbalik-lah..kakakaka

At 1st he refused to sit/sleep in the pram. After a few tries, he seems to be okay with it. Much more comfortable as compared to the Sling Baby Carrier.

He looks sooooo cute in the pram

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


This is the 2nd time this little "taukeh" travel long distance since he was born. The 1st was travelling from KL to Kuala Trengganu.He slept all the way there. At that time he was just a week old.

Was rather apprehensive this round to bring Joshua travel from KualaTrengganu back to KL. He is more active and tune-in to the environment.

Luckily, Joshua was good. Cried a bit and then slept like a “taukeh". He must be thinking this is a new ”buaian” or something as he was lure to sleep in the car.

However, Joshua might have a bit of motion sickness as he vomited out most of the milk milk he had during the journey.

He started to cry when we got home as he sees it’s not the “home” that he was used to. Thank goodness maybe due to the long journey, he managed to sleep the whole night thru. Thus, this Small Kucing gets some rest at night.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Jab Jab Jab

Joshua can understand what people are talking about.

Today Joshua supposed to get his 2nd month jab jab from the clinic here. We went there. Once we step into the clinic, his face changed. Then "rain drops" started to come down from the eyes and "thunder" from the mouth.

Then surprise surprise...the nurse said "sorry, we are out of Vaksin. Do come back another time". Fulamak! his face change so fast. Suddenly everything is bright and sunny.

That's Joshua for you.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Baby Carrier

Joshua's Papa came back yesterday bringing a Baby Carrier. Another one of Joshua's 1st. First time on in Baby Carrier. Hmmm...he slept so soundly..can even hear him snoring. Wonder how long will it last.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Feeling a bit better

*Yawn* Feeling much better from the black and blue scare after taking bath. My cold and cough is still around but at least I smell nice nice and I get to wear new "baju".

This is another one of the set of 5 "baju" that Aunty Florence gave. Errr..Aunty Florence time can buy a bigger size "baju"? This "baju" for 12 months old baby won't last me for another month or two. Mama said I am growing so fast. Now all my "baju" meant for 0-3months old baby have to be "tapau" already. comfortable to sleep after having milk milk...gudnite....

Child Abuse!!!

Waaaaaaaaa....Child abuse ah!!!!!! Last night after I took medicine, I slept. This morning I woke up with black and blue marks on my tummy, palm and sole of my feet. What Mama did to me while I slept??????

Hah!!! this tiny bottle of powder is the culprit! It seems that someone taught Mama to apply this on my tum tum, palm and feet overnight to get the "wind" out. Said that with the "wind" out of my system, I won't suffer bad tummy ache.

Well, anything-lah as long as it works.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Seen Doctor again

"Beh tahan" by evening time, my nose had runaway to goodness knows where and I cough and cough and cough and...well..I guess you get what I mean.

Ah Kong said "That's it! The little boy is going to the clinic!" . Yup..there we go on a car ride again. Off to the clinic we go.

Here is my loving Ah Ma cooing at me. Comforting me. Thanks to the influence of my Aunty Liew, we get to "jump Q" at the clinic.

The Doctor sees me and opened his eyes BIG BIG. "Ah!??? you again?". Hmm...lucky we went to the clinic today. The Doctor says he will be going on leave for 10 days starting tomorrow. Something about going to the Mediterranean for a holiday. Business must been good. After all, I have visited this clinic 3 times within 2 weeks!

This is the end result after visiting the clinic and taking the medicine.I wanna sleeeeeeeppppppp...don't kacau me, Mama.

Ah Choo Choo Chooooo

Hello! again...Am feeling poorly. Look at my red red nose. My nose threaten to runaway.

Eyes also watery. Ahchoooo! excuse me. Mama's cold and cough "berjangkit" to me already... sob..sob..sob..I hate ahchoochoo...I can't drink my milk milk properly and I can't sleep soundly. Someone HELP MEEEEEE!!!! Ungekkkk!!! ungekkkk!!!

Oh ya...Aunty Florence, thank you very much for this comfy "baju" that I am wearing. Handsome or not?

Monday, 14 April 2008


Someone told my Mama that when I have a tummyache, I would feel better if she put me in this position. How come I don't feel any better? I just have the urge to climb and climb and climb

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Hello! Everyone

Hello! everyone. Do you like my new "baju". comment about my hair. Duno why Mama wash my hair till it become "toing toing toing" like that.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mystery Solved

Hello! it's Joshua again. How is everyone? I got some more news for everyone.

Yesterday, my Mama thought she is very clever oh. Try to hush my screaming with pacifier. At first, I choot choot choot. Thinking it's a miniature milk milk bottle. After a few times, I realised it's a dummy. What I did was, I spit it out every time Mama tries to sumbat me with it.

Since I cry and cry last night till I was like *pengsan*, Mama and my Aunty Liew brought me to see Doctor.

Uwaaaaa! my birdie kena harass again. The first thing the doctor check was my skull. Then follow by my birdie........hmm why do adults like o see my birdie and my two rambutans ah?? The first day of my birth, my Grandmama wana see my rambutans. Said that red rambutans means my skin will be fair when I grow up and if black rambutan means I'll be dark. Guess, I'll just be tall dark and handsome-lah *kekeke*

Back to the story. The Doctor finally told Mama what I have been trying to convey to her the past few days. I have colic thus I scream and scream and scream. From a book, it said this colic thingy will go on till I am at week 12 or week 14. *kekeke* Mama no need to sleep loh *kekekeke*

My greenish poop was due to indigestion. The milk milk going too fast thru my small intestine. Not enough time to be baked into cheese cake.

The doctor gave a bunch of things called "medicine" to Mama. it something that can be eaten? If yes, hopefully it taste as good as milk milk.

Monday, 7 April 2008

A message from Joshua

Mama say I am noisy. I cry too much. Sumbat me with this new thingy. Worry that my stomach may have too much wind. Choot choot choot...on 2nd thought, this thingy is quite fun. I might just get use to it.

I have been feeling weird for the past few days. Not comfortable but I was unable to tell Mama where and why I am not comfortable. I just cry and cry in the evening. Waking up the neighbours till 1a.m.

My poo poo no longer looks like cheese cake. For the past 3 days, my poo poo had been waterly, greenish and smell sourish. Mama also at lost what ails me. My Mama and Grandmama had not been sleeping well due to my crying and worrying why my poo is like that ...ungek ungek ungek.....

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Weird looking "jambu". It's so small and round. Too cute to eat.


Another One of Joshua's 1st

His 1st time in "buaian". He can sleep soundly in the "buaian". Normal feeding time is around 3.5 hours to 4 hourly and he would have waken up by 2.5hours. This time he slept till 4.5hours.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Been busy with Joshua lately.Haven't have time to update this blog. As of now, am typing this blog with only one hand and two fingers. The other hand carrying Joshua.

Joshua is getting bigger and bigger very fast. Getting cheeky too.

In the middle of the night after each feeding, he refuse to sleep. Wants to "ajak" people to play. Guess this Mama Kucing is turning into a panda eyes kucing lor.

Here are some of his latest photos

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