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Thursday, 17 January 2008

Water Fish

Became "water fish" yesterday evening. My better half was feeling poorly. Thought of having something soupy for dinner.

Then I recalled there is a Ho Ho Steamboat at Kota Damansara. Too bad when we arrived there, it was not open. We looked around and saw another steamboat restaurant.

There was a banner that list the price as RM11-90 per person. Sound reasonable. Went in and seated. Menu came. Set Steamboat for two person RM29-80. Hmm...what happen to the RM11-90 per person?? Well, just give it a chance-lah.

We ordered the set steamboat with clear soup. The "ingredients" finally arrived in a few small plates like at Johnny's Steamboat.(Johnny's is much better than this). However, the portion was very shocking. What we got for a RM29-80 set was:-

1) fried fu chuk -4pcs
2) 2 prawns & 3 morsel of fish slice
3) 3 fish ball, 3 prawn ball and 3 meat ball
4) 4 pcs fried fried beancurd with meat(size about 3cm)
5) 1 yee mee with two eggs
6) a plate of Choy Sum

Wah Lau Eh! It's not even enough for Joshua!

The soup??Tasteless.

To me, that is a very EXPENSIVE pot of seafood Yee Mee instead of Steamboat!

Water fish ! water fish! water fish!

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