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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Restaurant Relax Station

Saw in the newspaper that there is a new shop in town. It's called Restaurant Relax Station.

Went and tried some of their famous dishes.

XO Sauce Chee Cheong Fun

It's fried Chee Cheong Fun. Didn't like it much. Much taste on the outer layer of the Chee Cheong Fun but bland inside. The "belacan" taste good though. Overall, it tasted like Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun but with a harder texture. Have tasted this dish once at a Pasar Malam in Happy Garden, Old Klang Road.

Well, this is just my personal opinion lah. Each person have different taste. Others may love this just the way it is.

Steamed Promfret with Bee Hoon

This dish comes in "small, "medium" and "large". We asked how they categorise it and was inform that based on the fish size. Thus we ordered large. This is what they considered "large".

Nevertheless, can't complain much as a large bowl only cost RM6-60 and the soup taste good. I didn't like the "bee hoon" coz it soak up the soup very fast

Curry Chicken

Nothing much too look at but it's spicy.

Pepper Pig Stomach Soup.

Love this dish. They even put Gingko nuts in the soup. The only complain is that the portion is very little. Not enough for one person eat.

Dumpling Soup

They are 5 dumplings in a bowl. Generous with ingredients like carrot, meat and prawns.

Fried Dumpling

My better half finished off this dish. Guess it's good???

Taiwan something noodle(Sorry, forgot the complete name)

It's something that looks like Hakka Mee with a few pork/bacon slices on top.

The Best Ice Lemon Tea

This is the best ice lemon tea that I've tasted. Made with original tea and a slice of lemon. Most shops nowadays offered pre-mixed from powder and it taste horrible. Even some famous western food restaurant does that.

Overall, the food in this restaurant is not bad. And the price is reasonable. Noodles and rice are mostly priced at RM4-80. Most dishes are less than RM10.

This restaurant offer Free WiFi and I know why is that. We had to wait quite long for the food to be served.

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