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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Hot Soup!

Hot Soup! Hot Soup!..

Nah.. I don't mean I am in the hot soup. Okay! okay! my "penyakit gila babi" started again. Crazy about pork. Not really about pork solely as this "Hot Soup" or "Lat Thong" consist of chicken meat too.

I have not visited this restaurant which is nearby my former office for two to three years. Surprised to see that the shop had changed name to Aheko Hot Soup Restaurant or is it changed owner. Nevertheless, they still offer the signature dish which is "Lat Thong"

"Lat Thong" is something like Bak Kut Teh except that the soup is boil with fiery hot pepper and ginger. Customer can opt for a mix meat Lat Thong which includes Chicken Meat, pork meat and pork belly or choose solely chicken. For me, I like it mixed.

Not a bad pot of Lat Thong, though not as "hot" as the former shop. Less pepper, I guess.

Lat Thong - portion for two person RM13

Apart from that, their "Wok Chai Tofu" are also very delicious. I think they added a few drops of cooking wine into the "wok". They serve quite a big portion

Wok Chai Tofu- portion for two RM8

Eh! don't play play. This restaurant doesn't only make sure their food is up to the standard. They also make sure when you go to the Loo, you'll be relax enough to let whatever come out. Why else would they light an aromatherapy thingy in the Loo!

Aromatherapy Loo

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