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Sunday, 13 January 2008

Giant Lime

Went to "kepoh" at NZX Commercial Centre after reading about it in a locate newspaper yesterday.

Wow! Couldn't believe my eyes. The Lime(Katt Chai) trees bearing GIANT fruits. Really as big as a pomelo.

Also some Lime Trees being prune till looks like a winding Dragon.

Nothing much special about the Pussywillow except that it's potted and is growing. But still it's something new.

The plants there are a bit pricey, but what can I say. It's new and the owner had obviously put in a lot of effort tending to these plants.

Various size of Lime Trees and Pussywillow

Giant lime trees. Cost about Rm288 per pot

Smaller pots of the Giant Lime. Two fruits per tree at Rm68 per pot

Aiks! who curi makan???

Potted Pussywillow

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