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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

What's wrong with the picture?

Two young ladies in school uniform.

One rider and one passenger.

Both wearing tudung.

Answer :

Since when L licence holder is allowed to take passenger?

Since when wearing helmet is not required?

Hot Soup!

Hot Soup! Hot Soup!..

Nah.. I don't mean I am in the hot soup. Okay! okay! my "penyakit gila babi" started again. Crazy about pork. Not really about pork solely as this "Hot Soup" or "Lat Thong" consist of chicken meat too.

I have not visited this restaurant which is nearby my former office for two to three years. Surprised to see that the shop had changed name to Aheko Hot Soup Restaurant or is it changed owner. Nevertheless, they still offer the signature dish which is "Lat Thong"

"Lat Thong" is something like Bak Kut Teh except that the soup is boil with fiery hot pepper and ginger. Customer can opt for a mix meat Lat Thong which includes Chicken Meat, pork meat and pork belly or choose solely chicken. For me, I like it mixed.

Not a bad pot of Lat Thong, though not as "hot" as the former shop. Less pepper, I guess.

Lat Thong - portion for two person RM13

Apart from that, their "Wok Chai Tofu" are also very delicious. I think they added a few drops of cooking wine into the "wok". They serve quite a big portion

Wok Chai Tofu- portion for two RM8

Eh! don't play play. This restaurant doesn't only make sure their food is up to the standard. They also make sure when you go to the Loo, you'll be relax enough to let whatever come out. Why else would they light an aromatherapy thingy in the Loo!

Aromatherapy Loo

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Found at Bukit Jalil

The above signboard found at Bukit Jalil along Kesas Highway.

Guess somebody is still sleeping there. We are in year 2008 already. Why is year 2006 signboard still up? *yawn*

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Water Fish

Became "water fish" yesterday evening. My better half was feeling poorly. Thought of having something soupy for dinner.

Then I recalled there is a Ho Ho Steamboat at Kota Damansara. Too bad when we arrived there, it was not open. We looked around and saw another steamboat restaurant.

There was a banner that list the price as RM11-90 per person. Sound reasonable. Went in and seated. Menu came. Set Steamboat for two person RM29-80. Hmm...what happen to the RM11-90 per person?? Well, just give it a chance-lah.

We ordered the set steamboat with clear soup. The "ingredients" finally arrived in a few small plates like at Johnny's Steamboat.(Johnny's is much better than this). However, the portion was very shocking. What we got for a RM29-80 set was:-

1) fried fu chuk -4pcs
2) 2 prawns & 3 morsel of fish slice
3) 3 fish ball, 3 prawn ball and 3 meat ball
4) 4 pcs fried fried beancurd with meat(size about 3cm)
5) 1 yee mee with two eggs
6) a plate of Choy Sum

Wah Lau Eh! It's not even enough for Joshua!

The soup??Tasteless.

To me, that is a very EXPENSIVE pot of seafood Yee Mee instead of Steamboat!

Water fish ! water fish! water fish!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Claypot Chicken Rice at Busy Corner

Restaurant Busy Corner is located at Jalan SS22/11, Damansara Jaya. It's famous for it's Claypot Chicken Rice and they also offer steamed soup.

I was feeling kinda full and only wanted to have some soup. We went to Restaurant Busy Corner. Ordered Old Cucumber soup for myself and Peanut Soup for my other half.

They have very tasty soup here and are not stingy with the ingredient. In the soup there are red dates, chicken meat, sotong/squid(?) and Hou See. Most shops don't put Hou See nor sotong coz it's expensive.

Old Cucumber Soup

Hou See and Sotong

Peanut with Chicken feet Soup(also with Hou See and Sotong)

Claypot Chicken Rice

Oppss...sorry..ate 1st then took baru photo

Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted Fish

"Yau Mak"

The menu and prices

Giant Lime

Went to "kepoh" at NZX Commercial Centre after reading about it in a locate newspaper yesterday.

Wow! Couldn't believe my eyes. The Lime(Katt Chai) trees bearing GIANT fruits. Really as big as a pomelo.

Also some Lime Trees being prune till looks like a winding Dragon.

Nothing much special about the Pussywillow except that it's potted and is growing. But still it's something new.

The plants there are a bit pricey, but what can I say. It's new and the owner had obviously put in a lot of effort tending to these plants.

Various size of Lime Trees and Pussywillow

Giant lime trees. Cost about Rm288 per pot

Smaller pots of the Giant Lime. Two fruits per tree at Rm68 per pot

Aiks! who curi makan???

Potted Pussywillow

Saturday, 12 January 2008


Went to the doctor again yesterday for the monthly check-up. Joshua had his final scan. No more scanning till he comes out. Joshua is getting too big for scanning.

Speaking of too big, the Doctor was shock at this Watermelon. "What did you eat??" he asked. It seems that this Watermelon had add on 3kg since last check-up. *muhahaha* Must be due to all the P.O.R.K. oink oink. Tahun Babi makan babi and tidur like babi..kekekeke..

Nevertheless, Doctor had pronounced that Joshua is growing A-okay. Not too big and not too small.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Eat Eat and Eat

Someone asked me why my blog is about food, food and more food.

Well, I have the "licence" to eat now. Thus, eat while I can.

In another month or two I will have to "puasa" for don't knows how long. Am now like a GREAT BIG MAMA BEAR preparing for hibernation in the winter. Storing up all the fat for the long winter.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Restaurant Relax Station

Saw in the newspaper that there is a new shop in town. It's called Restaurant Relax Station.

Went and tried some of their famous dishes.

XO Sauce Chee Cheong Fun

It's fried Chee Cheong Fun. Didn't like it much. Much taste on the outer layer of the Chee Cheong Fun but bland inside. The "belacan" taste good though. Overall, it tasted like Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun but with a harder texture. Have tasted this dish once at a Pasar Malam in Happy Garden, Old Klang Road.

Well, this is just my personal opinion lah. Each person have different taste. Others may love this just the way it is.

Steamed Promfret with Bee Hoon

This dish comes in "small, "medium" and "large". We asked how they categorise it and was inform that based on the fish size. Thus we ordered large. This is what they considered "large".

Nevertheless, can't complain much as a large bowl only cost RM6-60 and the soup taste good. I didn't like the "bee hoon" coz it soak up the soup very fast

Curry Chicken

Nothing much too look at but it's spicy.

Pepper Pig Stomach Soup.

Love this dish. They even put Gingko nuts in the soup. The only complain is that the portion is very little. Not enough for one person eat.

Dumpling Soup

They are 5 dumplings in a bowl. Generous with ingredients like carrot, meat and prawns.

Fried Dumpling

My better half finished off this dish. Guess it's good???

Taiwan something noodle(Sorry, forgot the complete name)

It's something that looks like Hakka Mee with a few pork/bacon slices on top.

The Best Ice Lemon Tea

This is the best ice lemon tea that I've tasted. Made with original tea and a slice of lemon. Most shops nowadays offered pre-mixed from powder and it taste horrible. Even some famous western food restaurant does that.

Overall, the food in this restaurant is not bad. And the price is reasonable. Noodles and rice are mostly priced at RM4-80. Most dishes are less than RM10.

This restaurant offer Free WiFi and I know why is that. We had to wait quite long for the food to be served.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Hypermarket = Free Food

Why do everyone thinks that hypermarket is equal to free "makan"?

Some people will peel the fruits and eat there and then. Throw the skin everywhere.

There was one time that I saw a group of man hovering around the grape section. They ate and ate and ate. It's would be alright if they eat one or two grapes to test the taste before buying. This is not. They kept going for more. Same goes for the "Mata Kucing".

Disgusting habits

Mixed Pork Soup and Stew Duck at Restaurant Lai Kong, Sunway

I have not tasted Mixed Pork Soup for a very long time. The other day, I discovered a stall which sells Mixed Pork Soup at Restaurant Lai Kong in Dataran Mentari, Sunway. Thus, manned by foreign workers, the soup and pork taste good. The pork intestine was cleaned properly. I hate it when some stall doesn't clean the intestine properly thus making the whole pot of soup stinky.

They give quite a large portion of the pork for a RM4 bowl(inclusive of rice)

Mixed Pork Soup

At the same venue, there is another stall which sells Stew Duck Rice/Porridge. Aside from duck meat, they also have stewed egg, pork meat, taufu and pork internal organs. They will give you and plate and you just pick whatever you want. Then they will bring it to you table in this little pan with fire under it to keep it warm.

Price depends on what you take.

Stew Duck Meat with Egg

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Best Nasi Lemak in Seri Petaling

The best Nasi Lemak in Seri Petaling is located opposite of Lucky Restaurant. It only opens in the morning. Operated from a modest van and small table. Cater for "tapau" only.

The lady boss will give you a packet of warm rice and you are encouraged to take the half boil egg, peanuts, anchovies, cucumber, sambal and the rest of the dishes by yourself. Thus, some "kiasu" will "sapu"a lot of everything.

Price wise, it's reasonable. Yesterday, I "tapau" Nasi Lemak with additional rice and petai. It only cost me RM2.

Opens daily. On weekends, you'll have to be there early or else you'll be left without even a crumb. You won't miss the stall as from far, you will see a crowd of people there.

Nasi lemak with fried Egg, kangkung and daging

Nasi Lemak with Petai
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