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Friday, 21 December 2007

Watson Warehouse Sale as Seen on 20th Dec 2007

Went for the Watson warehouse sale yesterday. The advertisement stated that the sale starts at 10am but when we arrive there at 10am, there is already a huge crowd.

What the heck, this smallkucing proceed to grab an empty box and dump everything that seems remotely usable into it, to be sorted out later. Got lot of training from chasing Paylessbooks Sale *hahaha*

Managed to grab some real bargain items. Even Joshua's papa who is not used to the art of kiasu, managed to grab a very cute little red umbrella with race car print for Joshua. Among items grabbed for Joshua are :-

Ear thermometer(RM129-90 selling for RM20)
Diaper Wash (RM2/bottle)
Umbrella (RM4)

There are a lot of accessories, cosmetic and soft toy items going for less than RM10. Saw many people grabbing soft toys and gift wrappers.

After dumping everything into the box, most bargain hunters would find a corner and sort out their stuffs before proceeding to the payment counter.

Payment counters. Here is where the nightmares starts. Each counter, there were more than 40 people waiting for payment. Each with either a large box of stuffs or TWO large box of stuffs.

Of all the luck, we got stuck behind the "Queen of Idiots of Kiasuland". This lady have been in the line for more than half an hour with her two teenage daughters. Those who have not sorted the things that they want before proceeding to the counter, have taken the opportunity to do so while in the queue(refer to the above photo).

This idiot have to wait till she is at the counter before sorting.

Idiot : "girl, you took this one ah?"

Daughter 1 : "yeah, mum."

Idiot : What for? You still have some at home.

Daughter 1 : But mum...I reaaaaalllly want it.

*idiot cont'd sorting while holding up the line*

Idiot : Girl, where is the red thing? It's not in the box. You let somebody steal it from the box!!

Daughter 2 : But maaaa.....

Idiot : *proceed to scold the daughters while holding up the line*

Overall, it's an eye opening experience.

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