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Sunday, 30 December 2007

La Manila, Midvalley Kuala Lumpur

Xmas window shopping is tiring work leh.. Walk walk walk and walk..

Really have to have something nice to eat to replenish the evaporated fat*hehehe*. The thought of curry noodles at La Manila Midvalley makes my saliva drips.

The first time when I ordered curry noodle at La Manila, I didn't expect much. Usually the curry noodles at food courts or at shopping outlets are nothing to shout about.

This outlet is located on the 3rd floor of Midvalley, near the cinema. Just one shoplot but offer quite a large variety of food. Recently they even have "Koon Poh Chicken Rice". My friend ordered that and it comes with large portion of chicken.

Delicious Curry Laksa

A big bowl of Curry Laksa with lot of "liu". Chicken slices, tau pok, fu chuk, prawns, fish paste, and cockles.

A bit pricey at RM9/bowl, but what the heck!. We are in a shopping mall with air-conditioning, Xmas songs on air, comfy chairs and good enviroment for chit-chats. The little bit extra is worth it.

Prawn Noodle

Another friend ordered Prawn Noodle. Also RM9/bowl. I had that before. The taste was also good and worth the money. There are prawn(a must duh!), egg, chicken slices, Kangkung and friend onion. The soup...hmmm..good. Not too salty.

Xmas Window Shopping at Mid Valley, KL

I just LOVE Christmas. Even more than Chinese New Year. Love to walk around shopping complex, admiring the decoration and listening to the Christmas songs.

Again this year, I accompany a friend to Midvalley for her annual Christmas shopping. She shops for gifts while I just tagged along to enjoy the Xmas "mood". It's fun looking at all the Xmas decorations.

This year Midvalley Xmas decoration is based on the Midsummer Night Dream Theme. I've read the story long time ago. Sadly, I've forgotten the story too.

A big fairy forest sprung up at the Center Court. Complete with the fairies lights and fairies hidden between branches of the tall Xmas trees.

Here are some of the photos taken.

Fairy Forest at the Center Court

A little fairy peeking from one of the Xmas trees.

Giant Mushrooms Sprung up at North Court and snow fell from above.

Santa goes visiting on foot with two elves tailing , giving out candy.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Uncle Snacks Corner, Amcorp Mall

I wonder why nobody blog about this nice little shop at Amcorp Mall named Uncle Snacks Corner.

It's a tiny shop lot located on the 3rd floor next to Book Xcess. Though the shop is tiny, but they offer a large variety of food. It's very hard to get a place during lunch hours.

Prawn Noodle
Pardon me for the photo. The egg and prawn are missing coz I ate them before I thought of snapping a photo of it.

I love their Prawn Noodle, Curry Laksa and Nasi Lemak.

This is their set meals menu and price. Prices are reasonable if your consider the place is located in a shopping mall. Whats more is that the food tastes good as compared to some others shops in shopping complex.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Yummy Set Meal at TGIF

Shrimp Martini
Shrimp, tomatoes and olives

Smothered Steak
The steak is char grill, topped with onion and mushroom covered withmelted pepper jack cheese. Chef vegetables. Cheddar cheese with mash potato.

Friday Sundae
Vanilla ice-cream with hot fudge caramel sauce, nuts and whipped cream.

All for RM39-90 only....yummy...

Friday, 21 December 2007

Joshua's Xmas New Toys

Went to Amcorp Mall. Saw Book Xcess. Can't resist and went in. They have so many nicely wrapped books for Xmas gift.

Aiyo! Come out of Book Xcess with plastic full of toy books for Joshua.

How to stuff all these toys under our small Xmas tree ah??? Any suggestion?

Among the cloth toy books are :-

Vibrating Little Caterpillar Cloth Book

Vibrating Little Mole Cloth Book

Vibrating Little Snail Cloth Book

Vibrating Little Lamb Cloth Book

Cuddly Cuffs-Little Duckling Cloth Book

Cuddly cuffs-Santa's Day with jingly bell

Cuddly Cuffs-Jolly Snowman with squeaky nose

Cloth Cat Toy Book for stroller

Poppy Cat Plastic bathing books

Watson Warehouse Sale as Seen on 20th Dec 2007

Went for the Watson warehouse sale yesterday. The advertisement stated that the sale starts at 10am but when we arrive there at 10am, there is already a huge crowd.

What the heck, this smallkucing proceed to grab an empty box and dump everything that seems remotely usable into it, to be sorted out later. Got lot of training from chasing Paylessbooks Sale *hahaha*

Managed to grab some real bargain items. Even Joshua's papa who is not used to the art of kiasu, managed to grab a very cute little red umbrella with race car print for Joshua. Among items grabbed for Joshua are :-

Ear thermometer(RM129-90 selling for RM20)
Diaper Wash (RM2/bottle)
Umbrella (RM4)

There are a lot of accessories, cosmetic and soft toy items going for less than RM10. Saw many people grabbing soft toys and gift wrappers.

After dumping everything into the box, most bargain hunters would find a corner and sort out their stuffs before proceeding to the payment counter.

Payment counters. Here is where the nightmares starts. Each counter, there were more than 40 people waiting for payment. Each with either a large box of stuffs or TWO large box of stuffs.

Of all the luck, we got stuck behind the "Queen of Idiots of Kiasuland". This lady have been in the line for more than half an hour with her two teenage daughters. Those who have not sorted the things that they want before proceeding to the counter, have taken the opportunity to do so while in the queue(refer to the above photo).

This idiot have to wait till she is at the counter before sorting.

Idiot : "girl, you took this one ah?"

Daughter 1 : "yeah, mum."

Idiot : What for? You still have some at home.

Daughter 1 : But mum...I reaaaaalllly want it.

*idiot cont'd sorting while holding up the line*

Idiot : Girl, where is the red thing? It's not in the box. You let somebody steal it from the box!!

Daughter 2 : But maaaa.....

Idiot : *proceed to scold the daughters while holding up the line*

Overall, it's an eye opening experience.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Bus stop

Is that an official bus-stop? Saw a bus dropping off passengers under the bridge between Damansara Jaya and Damansara Utama. Some people are waiting for bus there too.

OMG! It's TWIN!!

It's TWIN!! Fuiyo!!

Nope.. Joshua doesn't have a twin brother nor sister. It's another thing all together

It's the eggie for this morning breakfast.. muhahaha. I was so surprised when I broke the egg and found the "Double Yolk".

Monday, 17 December 2007

Kanna Curry House at Sect 17, PJ

Haven't gone to Kanna Curry House for quite sometime now. Suddenly feel like eating Banana Leaf Rice.

I don't really like Indian food much coz some put too much curry powder into their cooking. However, the curry is just nice at Kanna's.

Here is what you'll get if you ordered Banana Leaf Rice. Three types of vegetables, papadams, fried bittergourd and fried chilies.

I just love their fried bittergourd. It looks ugly here but it's really add to the taste of the rice.

You can also order separate dishes like curry chicken, fried fish, fried chicken and etc.
Uh! Their curry is really heavenly. There are 3 types of "kuah". Dal, fish curry and chicken curry. Whats more is that they will leave the whole container on your table instead of taking it away.

The service here is very good. The "waiters" will keep topping up rice and vegetables for you. Very much unlike the service I got at another curry house near Subang Jaya market whereby we sat there for more that 10 minutes, and yet nobody had bother to take our orders.

Price here is reasonable.Rice with the vegetables cost RM4.50 per person, Fish Cutlet RM2, a small plate of curry chicken RM4-50 and a piece of Tenggiri Fish RM4.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Mama's Kitchen Famous Loh Shi Fun

Was looking for a shop that sells Sui Kow in Taman Tun Dr Ismail the other day. Couldn't find it as it had either shifted or "closed shop". Instead found this little family restaurant. The signboard said Famous Loh Shi Fun.

Ordered one claypot Loh Shi Fun, a plate of Stew Pork Ribs Yee Mee, Claypot Taufu and Fried Vegetables

The Claypot Loh Shi Fun taste so-so only. The Serdang Raya Loh Shi Fun taste nicer. However, the Stew Pork Ribs Yee Mee, Claypot Taufu and fried vegetables were delicious.

Definitely will visit this shop again to try their other dishes.

Pork Tripe Soup at USJ

Read a blog that recommended Pork Tripe Soup at USJ. Wanted to try it.

It's located at Restaurant Weng Soon Jaya, Jln USJ 17/2, USJ.

Arrived there about 11.45am. The stall was not open. So sad.

I ordered chicken rice while my better half order Wantan Mee and we shared some Yong Tau Foo. There is nothing special about the Chicken Rice, Wan Tan Mee nor the Yong Tau Foo.

As I was finishing my plate of Chicken Rice, the Pork Tripe Suop stall opened. Barely 5 minutes, there was already a queue there.

Well, since am there already...might as well join the queue

Finally got my bowl of pork tripe soup and a plate of "Tau Fu Pok".

The verdict? Boleh tahan lah. But I still prefer the ones at Seri Kembangan
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