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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball and ABC Cendol at Malacca

More rambling about food in Malacca.

Many people have wrote about "Hoe Kee Chicken Rice" at Malacca till this topic is quite dead. Though this shop is very famous, this small kucing have not got the chance to eat there till recently.

The first thing I noticed is the ambiance of this shop. It's got the "feel" of a old home and very spacious. A very comfortable place to eat it.

Totally agree with the reviews. The food in this shop is good. Even better than the famous Farmosa Chicken Rice Ball, which by the way when we passby is nearly empty of people.

Love the Assam Fish. Fulamak! now that I think of it, my saliva is dripping. Who is going to Malacca? Tapau this for me please.

Should you wish to try out this shop, the address is 4,6,8 Jalan Hang Jebat(Jonker St), 75200 Malacca. Tel : 06-2834751 H/p 012-6238431

After the stomach is full, we walked along Jonker Street to snoop into the curio shops there. Soon, it was just too hot to walk anymore.
Saw "Ho Chak" logo at one of the stall selling ABc and Cendol. shop's name Low Jong Kong. Decided to stop here and have a bowl of Cendol

They really put in a lot of ingredients into this small bowl. However, it's a bit too sweet and too many ingredients for me. my taste buds gone crazy.

After having a cooling ABC, we went searching for the famous pineapple tarts of Malacca streets. But then, that's another story

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