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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball and ABC Cendol at Malacca

More rambling about food in Malacca.

Many people have wrote about "Hoe Kee Chicken Rice" at Malacca till this topic is quite dead. Though this shop is very famous, this small kucing have not got the chance to eat there till recently.

The first thing I noticed is the ambiance of this shop. It's got the "feel" of a old home and very spacious. A very comfortable place to eat it.

Totally agree with the reviews. The food in this shop is good. Even better than the famous Farmosa Chicken Rice Ball, which by the way when we passby is nearly empty of people.

Love the Assam Fish. Fulamak! now that I think of it, my saliva is dripping. Who is going to Malacca? Tapau this for me please.

Should you wish to try out this shop, the address is 4,6,8 Jalan Hang Jebat(Jonker St), 75200 Malacca. Tel : 06-2834751 H/p 012-6238431

After the stomach is full, we walked along Jonker Street to snoop into the curio shops there. Soon, it was just too hot to walk anymore.
Saw "Ho Chak" logo at one of the stall selling ABc and Cendol. shop's name Low Jong Kong. Decided to stop here and have a bowl of Cendol

They really put in a lot of ingredients into this small bowl. However, it's a bit too sweet and too many ingredients for me. my taste buds gone crazy.

After having a cooling ABC, we went searching for the famous pineapple tarts of Malacca streets. But then, that's another story

The Result is Out

The result for the forthcoming kitten is out.

Tried to sneak a peek during last month check-up. The small kitten was really shy. Closed up with hands and feets.

This month, finally the small kitten is ready to reveal to us. It's a little Joshua.

Little Joshua has gone quite active for the past week. Wiggling here and wiggling there. Still enjoying the vast "swimming pool" to swim around. Doing little dances to the music.

Oh ya, one good thing is that all the "wek wek" had stopped. Thank goodness. Hooray for that.

But now eating like a pig. After last month's beef craze. This month this small kucing is crazy about Curry Laksa. Really have to visit Ah Loy Restaurant soon.

Thanks all for today.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Popiah in front of Madam King's Mall, Malacca

Read in many blogs that this is THE most delicious and famous Popiah in Malacca. Decided to go and try it out since we were at Malacca town last weekend.

Though the afternoon sun is burning, there is still a long queue waiting. It shouldn't be that long wait, right? Since the "popiah man" is working very fast.

Saw his hand non-stop wrapping the popiah. Some of this and some of that and one Popiah is ready for the customer. I was dead wrong. Some people ordered 15 to 2- pieces to Popiah!!. I had to wait 40minutes under the hot burnig sun for my measly TWO piece of Popiah.

Aisey! no wonder so many people comes to this stall. It got the "Ho Chak" sign.

Verdict:- This Popiah is special coz the owner add Pork Lard. Otherwise, the taste is average. The "sengkuang" tasted a bit burnt. The ingredints are "sengkuang", egg, beansprout, tofu and pork lard. Doesn't have salad leaf, carrot nor chinese sausage.

I think "Alex Stadium Popiah" at SS2 pasar malam taste better.

Pan Mee at Taman Sri Sentosa

Last weekend, this small kucing found another good place for breakfast and lunch. It's in Taman Sri Sentosa, Old Klang Road.

Saw this shop in a local "makan-makan" show and decided to try.

This small shop is well hidden and when we arrived, there are already many people waiting for table. There are not many tables.

This shop Speciality is Pan Mee(Board Noodle??) Whats so special about this Pan Mee? It's hand pull Pan Mee instead of the normal machine made Pan Mee. And they can pull this Pan Mee very LOOOOOONG...alalalalalONG....

Just see for yourself how long this is? And whats more is that the noodle is so thin that it's a bit translucent.

It comes with ample "ikan bilis", "cakur manis", mince meat and bits of mushroom which makes this Pan Mee taste heavely. Hate those shop that is stingy with the veggy and anchovies. The Ikan Bilis is really crunchy. My only wish is that they would give it to me on a separate plate instead of add into the soup.

This bowl is the normal Pan Mee

This is the Seafood Pan Mee. Doesn't looks much of "seafood" instead and it's more expensive by RM1 as compared to the normal Pan Mee. My advice is to stick to the normal Pan Mee.

Oh.. did I mention that their Chili or Sambal as some might call it is simply deliciously hot. Add some lime juice, it's mouthwatering.

Here is the address should you like to try this heavenly Pan Mee for yourself. The restaurant chinese name is "Red Teahouse"(Huon Char Koon). There is no signboard on top of the shop. Only wooden board displaying the restaurant name chinese charathers. The address is No 28 Jln Seri Sentosa 9A/133, Tmn Sri Sentosa. Tel : 016-2883911. Open Tuesday - Sunday from 8a.m. to 3p.m.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Mid-Autumn Festival - Mooncakes

It's that time of the year again. Chinese Lantern everywhere and mooncakes are sold in every nook and corner.

Saw most of the "branded" mooncakes this year cost above RM10 per piece. Is it worth the price?

Last week saw in morning market, Lotus Paste Double Yolk mooncake sold for RM5-50 . It's by a company name "Huasin" something. Forgotten the actual name. Bought 1 piece to test. Not bad. Taste more or less the same as those "branded" mooncakes.

If this company can sell Lotus Paste Double Yolk mooncakes for RM5-50 and still managed to make a profit, just imagine how much profit that those "branded" mooncake companies are making.

Price of everything goes up. What to do? "Change your lifestyle lor"

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Church in Glenmarie Industrial Park

Was cruising around with friends the other day. Visiting a friend's new office located in Glenmarie Industrial Park. This area is full of factories. To name a few are Proton, Padini, PosLaju and Fuji.

Going round and round and round..smack this small kucing and friends comes to a building that looks like church. Nope! it IS a church. If not mistaken, it's the Church of Divine Mercy.

This church is really beautiful. Spacious, clean and all that. It's really peaceful in here.


Yikes! do not speed. POLIS is infront of us...or is it PDL15?

Sunday, 16 September 2007

"Malaysia Boleh"

The concept of "Malaysia Boleh" is very weird. It can happen or applicable in many situations. In our daily life, what we do, how we do it and so on.
This small kucing found another occasion where "Malaysia Boleh" applies.

If you look in between the clusters of yellow chairs, you will see something yellow. But it's not a chair. It's a FIRE HYDRANT. "Malaysia Boleh"! No problem opening a Tomyam Stall at the roadside eventhough there is a FIRE HYDRANT.

What's more "BOLEH" is that this stall is located a stone throw away from a Police Station. It's in Kg Baru Subang. Right in front of the T-junction.

"Merdeka" Day

We have just celebrated Malaysia 50th "Merdeka" Day. "Jalur Gemilang" are hang all around the cities and "kampung".
Sad to see that after the celebration is over, nobody seems to care about the "Jalur Gemilang" anymore.
How can the City Council let the "Jalur Gemilang" drag on the pavement??? Some cars are still going about the city with torn and dirty flags on their roof.
Sad sad sad...

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Grandfather's Road

Every morning it will be like this at the T-junction after Subang Airport going to Subang Perdana.
Motorcyclists ignoring traffic rules, using the lane meant for oncoming traffic to beat the traffic light ahead.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Dot 99 Steaks & Chops

Been crazy about eating steak lately. Found one rather affordable little place in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Their choice and service is very basic with no frills attached. Whats better is that there are not service charge nor government tax.

The first round this small kucing ordered Sirloin Steak. Taste very good. The meat is tender and portion is large for the price of RM22-90.

Next is their famous "Minute Steak" . The size and thickness of the meat is half of the Sirloin steak. Taste delicious. The price is only RM13-90

My better half ordered Hainanese Chicken Chop. The first time we went there, saw quite a number of diners ordered this. However, this chicken chop doesn't taste as good as it looks. The fries are soggy due to the sauce being pour on it. The Chicken is oily and the meat is tasteless.

Their Seafood Spaghetti are not bad with generous portions of seafood.

Overall, I would definitely visit the place again for their steak. After all, a meal for two in this shop is equivalent to the price of a Rib eye steak at Roadhouse Grill and TGIF.

Well, this is just Mamarazzi's personal opnion lah. It may not represent the truth. Many have praised this shop. Do come and try and see for yourself.
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