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Monday, 27 August 2007

Small Kucing

How many of my friends read my blog? I wondered. Guess, I will know soon enough.

Have been keeping this news for 3 months now. Or at least two months, coz even the "creators" didn't know of its existence for the first month. It's time to let the cat out of the bag.

Yup, a little kitten is on the way. Expected to arrive around the end of February 2008. I secretly hope that the bundle of joy will arrive on the 29th coz next year is a leap years.

Boy or girl? If boy, to carry on the family name. If girl, will get a lot of good supper in my old age. Universal knowledge is that when boy courting girl, the girl parents will gets lotsa "supper". Whatever will be will be, que sera sera.

Feeling? Uncertain. Too busy having "morning sickness", or more like "evening sickness". First month, the "wek wek" starts at noon time till late evening. Second month, starts 4pm onwards. Third month, 7pm onwards. Everything that goes in after the "designated" hours will automatically "resurface" again. Hopefully, it will stop soon.

Alamak! Hopefully next year will still be able to go for our annual pre-CNY shopping at Petaling Street with my sister. This have been our tradition since...donkey years ago.


  1. Little kitten is certainly growing fast!!

  2. Wait ah..see tmw got anymore photos kekeke

  3. WALAO EH!!!tis is d best news i received tis yr among my frens... CONGRATULATIONS!!!I WANT MY TIRAMISU B4 THE LITTLE ONE IS OUT!!!!lol...


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