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Friday, 6 July 2007

Prawn Mee at Taman Tayton View

Saw Ho Chak show a few weeks ago, featuring famous prawn mee/noodle around KL/Selangor area.

This Small Kucing went sniffing around Taman Tayton View as recommended by the show. Found the shop. Shop name is Restoran 3U Sdn Bhd. Hmm... I wonder what does the 3 "u" stands for.

Ordered the famous Prawn Mee. Indeed the noodle comes as big bowl as advertised. There are 3 large prawn, generous amount of fish paste, slices of pork meat, half a hard boil egg, some kangkung and taugeh. Loved the chili that accompany the Prawn noodle.

It taste simply delicious. A friend polish off the whole bowl of the soup though she can't finish the noodles. Price RM7-80

3U Mix Beef Noodle is another famous dish in this shop. It's different from the Seremban Beef noodle Quite generous amount of beef and ingredient in the bowl. Price RM6-80

We also ordered a bowl of Prawn Wantan.The shrimp are fresh and sweet. The cost of 10pcs f the wantan is RM5-00. It's a fair price considering in some shop, wantan with pork meat is priced more or less RM0-50 per pc.

Apart from the 3 dishes mentioned, the shop also offers other dishes such as Chicken Hor Fun, Beef Ball soup, Chicken with taugeh, Brause Beef Brisket and etc.

The above is the map to the shop. It's easy to find as it' located at the main road going into Taman Tayton View.

Should you happen to lost your way to the destination, you may contact the above person for direction.


  1. 3U stands for 3 dishes only.

    Notice the graphic you posted of the fler's name card... only 3 dishes..

  2. Oh Thanks Bernsy :). I can't read chinese so I didnt know it was written there :p

  3. The chef have left 3u Restaurant 9 month ago,He has open his own Restaurant in Bandar Puchong Jaya,By the name Three U Kopitiam.So the Authentic taste is in Three U Kopitiam because Chef Liew has well keep his original recipe.If you want to taste his Food or Soup Please came to Three U Kopitiam at No.9,Jln Kenari 7,Bandar Puchong Jaya,47100 Puchong,Sel.and u can Contact Person Mr.Leong H/P:012-3161189

  4. it? will go and try when am back in KL. So you are one of the taukeh at Three U Kopitiam? Any free trial..kekekeke


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