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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Famous Hon Kee Porridge

Saw in a television programme some time ago that there is a stall selling delicious porridge at Petaling Street. The stall name is Hon Kee Famous Porridge.
The other day decided to try it out. It was a shot day. This small kucing decided to "tapau" (take away) the porridge back to the comfy of home to eat.
Ordered one Chicken porridge and one mixed Pork porridge with the "spare parts"(intestine) to go. The service is very fast. In two minutes, I got two packets of porridge. Each packet is RM4 and if you want "Yau Char Kwai", it's cost you RM0-50 (small) packet and RM1(big) packet.

Was looking forward to eating the porridge. This is what the chicken porridge looks like. It was really disappointing. It was not at good as advertised. It's a bit too salty and not much ingredients. Only chicken meat with a sprinkle of spring onion. Don't have ginger, sesame oil nor peanuts.

The mixed pork porridge also has very small portion of pork. However, the friend intestine taste good and crunchy.

Overall, I feel that it's a rip-off at the price of RM4.


  1. complain, complain...masak sendiri lar!!!

  2. I masak lagi sedap oh. Put kacang,chicken meat, ginger, spring onion and sesame oil. Guarantee sedap...muhahahaha


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